Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pursuit of Perfection in Tact

Obviously, these games are meaningless in the grand scheme (lets be honest, its way better than the NFL combine). I know that and you know that. The events taking place in these exhibitions can only be measured by certain amounts and should always be taken with a grain of salt.

It is widely known in baseball circles that, once real games begin, pitchers are going to be ahead of hitters and that certain hitters want to just see some real pitching before taking their hacks. That being said, patterns will begin to emerge (both good and bad) that can shape the future of this ballclub. These Spring Training game "recaps" are going to focus on those trends, both positive and negative.

Tuesday - March 1
Nats 5 - Mets 3

- Bryce Harper got his first hit, and according to Jayson Stark over at ESPN, he asked for the ball. Awesome.

- Nyjer Morgan (0 for 6 in 2 games) continues his assault on Justin Maxwell's "Worst Performance in Spring Training" record, set last year when JMax went 5 for 50. Adding his 2nd failed bunt in as many games, Morgan has some 'splaining to do.

- In 2 games, Nats pitchers have only walked 2, while striking out 19. Part of a new aggressive approach from the braintrust of McCatty and Riggleman. I am very interested in seeing how this pans out.

- Jayson Werth didn't take the bat off of his shoulder, drawing a walk and striking out. I am assuming that he just wants to see some game action before he starts hacking.

- Center Fielder Corey Brown, sprained his ankle. He will be fine.

- Former 1st round pick Chris Marrero went 2 for 2 in his first appearance of the year, adding several quality defensive plays. Good.

- I'm not reading anything into Storen's 2-run 9th. Nor should you.

- Michael Morse and Danny Espinosa continued their blazing hot starts. Espinosa hit his first homer of the spring, and is now 2 for 4 with a homer and 2 RBI. Morse, meanwhile, is now 5 for 7 in his 2 games with 4 RBI, 3 Runs, and 2 HR.

- My choice for the #1 star of the game goes to Ross Detwiler. The former 1st round pick debuted his new mechanics, and got some serious results; allowing only 2 hits (one of which was a bloop) while striking out 3 in 2 innings of action. Velocity reached 91-93 and, most importantly, Ross felt comfortable on the mound. A solid spring could boost Detwiler to the #5 spot, a spot many think that he should be past by this point.

Post your comments about the Nats 2 "games" in down in the comments section!


  1. Watched the Nats/Mets game Monday and computer-stalked yesterday's game. I love what I see so far. It's March - the best time for baseball dreams. Morse is certainly making his case - Nyger is not. Too early to tell? Maybe.

  2. Lots to like and really only one thing to hate--Nyjer's ongoing implosion. Normally, you don't put too much stock in the spring training performance of a veteran, unless that veteran is coming off a terrible year and comes out looking excatly the same. If he doesn't improve soon, I can't see how the team starts the season with him as the centerfielder.

  3. Sounds like Pudge did well also, a walk, double and through out a runner. Can't wait to be able to watch games.

  4. Bdrube, I challenge your premise. Nyjer is far from a veteran, despite his age. His first full year in the bigs was last year, and lets face it, mentally he has the makeup of a rookie.

    But I absolutely agree that he needs to step it up!

  5. Bernie made his case today,also Ankiel, Morse the last 2 days. Does Nyger hear footsteps behind him? Nice to see the team playing well.