Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nats 4-2 in Grapefruit Play

Since we last left our heroes, the Nationals have lost more games than they have won (1-2), aside from the results, their play has been a mixed bag. We are gonna go quick recap-style for the last 3 games... GO!

Thursday: 7-5 loss to the Red Birds.
- Garrett Mock stepped on the field in a Nats uniform again, and the results were predictable. 5 runs allowed in just 2/3 of an inning. Its never a good thing when you get pulled mid-inning in a Spring Training game. To his credit, only 1 of the runs was earned, though there is no excuse for 3 walks (at the time doubling the Nats staff total for the Grapefruit League).

- The Nats of old appeared as defense became an issue yet again, with 2 errors and meltdown pitching. Jordan Zimmerman had a fantastic appearance, scattering 4 hits while allowing 0 runs in 3 innings.

- Morgan bagged his first hit of the spring (1 for 10 at that point). Pudge, Ramos, and the Attorney General led the team with 2 hits each. Derek Norris went yard for his first HR of the spring. While Morse came back down to earth with an 0 for 4 performance.

Friday: 6-4 Loss to Los Bravos
- More of a mixed bag loss than the previous game. The standout performer was far and away Jason Marquis. The New Yorker threw 3 innings of 0 run, 1 hit ball, in a ridiculously efficient 24 total pitches.

- Top offensive performer was, once again, Danny Espinosa who continued his stellar spring going 2 for 4 with 2 hits and an RBI. LaRoche also went 2 for 4, while Zimmerman hit his first HR of the spring.

- Big story of the day was Drew Storen, whose second appearance of the spring went about as poorly as his first. Storen allowed 3 earned runs in just 1 inning of duty, bring his spring totals to 2 IP and 5 ER. Might we see Drew Storen in the minors to start the season???

- Former 1st rounder Chris Marrero went 2 for 2, and was at the point 4 for 4 in two games, while providing above average defense. Might we see Marrero in September???

Saturday: 10-8 Win against the Evil Empire
- Bryce Harper got his first RBI, congrats to the kid.

- The Nats offense got to Yanks' Ace Charlston Charles Sabathia, tattooing him for 5 runs in just 2.2 innings (NOTE: Never a good thing when you get pulled mid-inning in Spring Training). Then rocking Mr. Overrated, Joba Chambermaid, for 2 more runs.

- Standout offensive performers were Ian Desmond and Ryan Zimmerman, both going 2 for 3 with 2 RBIs. Special note to Derek Norris who went 0 for 1 but drew 2 walks, good eye, kid.

- Matt Stairs did what he does, and hit the ball really hard and really far, earning a ground-rule RBI 2B.

- On the pitching end, Josh Wilkie had a rough outing letting in 3 runs in 1 inning of duty. Chad Gaudin struggled as well, letting the Yankees back into the game, giving up 5 ER.

- Stammen, Severino, Burnett, and Carr ended the game by throwing 5 innings of 3 hit ball. Well done to these guys.

Leave your thoughts on the past few games in the comments. Especially your thoughts on the ongoing bullpen and left field battles!

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