Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Opening Day - Bold Predictions Edition

Opening Day is tomorrow.

Let that sink in. Opening Day is tomorrow.

You ok? Good, lets press on. We are in the business of ridiculousness from time to time, and right now is no exception. It's prediction time. Time for us to embarrass ourselves over and over for the next 8 months. So, with all that out of the way. We are both going to make bold predictions for every player in the starting lineup and rotation.

Let's do it. Lineup first.

Ian Desmond - 6
- Joe - Will have an OBP of over .350.
- Mac - Will lower his Error total by 15, to a meager 19.

Jayson Werth - 9
- Joe - Will lead the Nats in stolen bases.
- Mac - Will hit 50 Doubles.

Ryan Zimmerman - 5
- Joe - Will have the best batting average in the NL.
- Mac - Will hit 35 HR and have 110 RBI.

Adam LaRoche - 3
- Joe - Will miss a large chunk of the season due to injury.
- Mac - Will have the best defensive metrics for NL first-baseman, but won't win the Gold Glove.

Michael Morse - 7
- Joe - Will make the All-Star Game as an alternate
- Mac - Will hit 30 HR.

Rick Ankiel - 8
- Joe - Mac took mine, so I'll go with he'll throw out a runner at home on the fly from the warning track.
- Mac - Will pitch for the Nats this year.

Danny Espinosa - 4
- Joe - Will win the NL Rookie of the Year.
- Mac - Will be #2 in the NL Rookie of the Year voting, to Freddie Freeman.

Ivan Rodriguez - 2
- Joe - Will miss much of the last 2 months hurt, and will retire at the end of the season.
- Mac - Will be traded by the end of May.


Livan Hernandez
- Joe - Mac also took mine here, so I'll say a story will break that confirms that Livan is, in fact, 41 years old.
- Mac - Will go on the DL for the first time in his career.

John Lannan
- Joe - Will lead the Nats in wins in 2011.
- Mac - Will have a sub-3.50 ERA.

Jordan Zimmermann
- Joe - Will have the worst winning percentage of all Nats starters.
- Mac - Will throw a no-hitter.

Jason Marquis
- Joe - Will be the Nats most reliable starter, averaging 6.2 IP/game and will sign a new contract extension in August.
- Mac - Will be traded to a contender before the trade deadline.

Tom Gorzelanny
- Joe - Will have the 2nd best season of his career: 190 IP; 3.90 ERA; 10+ wins
- Mac - Will have a +5.00 ERA.

Give us some bold predictions in the comments!


  1. Danny/Desi will lead the league in double plays!

  2. The Nats will use only 45 total players this year, 24 of whom will be pitchers. This will just barely beat out their all time previous lows of 46 players used (in 2010) and 25 pitchers used (in 2005 & 2008).

    Stability is a sign of progress. :)

  3. Laroche will go on the DL within a month, Morse will shift to 1B and Bernadina will become the regular LF.

    Ankiel will be injured by June and Corey Brown will become the regular CF.