Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bryce Harper: More than just a pretty bat

When people hear the name Bryce Harper, it's usually accompanied by a long conversation about his incredible power and bat speed. This time, it's something totally different.

After a flyout to left field in the 8th inning, Harper stayed in the game to play right field in the 9th. On a hit through the right side of the infield, Harper came up throwing to third base as the Mets runner rounded second. I was sitting in right directly next to where Harper picked up the ball for the throw and let me tell you, I thought he was nuts. Well, I was wrong. If Ryan Zimmerman was playing third, he would have picked the ball for an out. It was a line drive throw and right on target.

It's easy to forget that Harper has an outstanding arm to supplement his incredible power, and we won't soon forget after seeing that throw today.

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