Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The One's That Got Away

In the past several months the Nationals have cut ties with a lot of players, either via trade or free agency. Many of these moves have come with great criticism from both the Natosphere and fans (READ: Dunn, Willingham, etc.). With one week remaining in Cactus/Grapefruit League action, lets take a look at how those players are faring with their new teams.

Willie Harris - 2010 Stats: .183/.291/.362 - 10 HR - 32 RBI - 0.0 WAR

The versatile player has found a resurgence in New York, after years of torturing them. His spring stats are very solid, and he has assured himself a spot on their team.
Spring Stats: .317/.440/.659 - 3 HR - 9 RBI

Josh Willingham - 2010 Stats: .268/.389/.459 - 16 HR - 56 RBI - 2.7 WAR

The Hammer was a fan favorite in Washington and I have no doubt that he will be much of the same in Oakland. The change in leagues should give him a boost, especially feasting off of Mariner's Pitching (minus King Felix, of course).
Spring Stats: .244/.327/.333 - 1 HR - 8 RBI

Joel Peralta - 2010 Stats: 2.00 ERA - 9.00 K/9 - 3.02 FIP - 0.7 WAR

Joel made a splash in the National's bullpen last year, providing a quality power arm. However, during the offseason he wanted to spring his 49 quality innings with the Nats into a 2-year deal, but Rizzo wouldn't have it. He signed with the Rays for a 2-year deal, and has pitched well enough to become their Closer. Hmm, I can't think if we need a closer or not...
Spring Stats: 8.0 IP - 3 H - 0 R - 0 ER - 2 BB - 9 K

Justin Maxwell - 2010 Stats: .144/.305/.288 - 3 HR - 12 RBI - 0.4 WAR

Maxwell has been hashed and re-hashed in this blog, and you know how I feel about him. That being said, he did provide more value last year than Willie Harris did, though with less versatility. He is only doing marginally better with the Yankees, but his value will come in the field for that team.
Spring Stats: .219/.359/.250 - 0 HR - 3 RBI - 11 K

Miguel Batista - 2010 Stats: 3.70 ERA - 4.76 FIP - 4.25 BB/9 - -0.3 WAR

Miss Iowa has made even more of a name for himself amongst Nats' fans, after his beanball antics this past week. Coming out the pen, his only job was to hit the first batter he faced, and be immediately ejected. Seems fitting. Lets see what his stats look like...
Spring Stats: 7.1 IP - 2.45 ERA - 8 H - 2 ER - 4 BB - 3 K

Wil Nieves - 2010 Stats: .203/.244/.310 - 3 HR - 16 RBI - -0.3 WAR

Wil played with the Nats for 3 years, but his legacy resides in a commercial by MASN where Super Mario talks about some hit he made once. Other than that, I just remember a lot of strikeouts. Not shocked he is gone, but we will always have Super Mario.
Spring Stats: .273/.333/.303 - 0 HR - 2 RBI - 3 BB - 7 K

Adam Dunn - 2010 Stats: .260/.356/.536 - 38 HR - 103 RBI - 199 K - 3.9 WAR

The Big Donkey was one of the most popular players in NatsTown in the past 2 years. And I'm sure that there are many who would love for Adam Dunn to still be rocking the Curly-W. But, he didn't fit into Rizzo's idea of a defense-first ballclub. So, after signing a huge 4-year deal with the White Sox, how is Dunn doing in his first year in the AL.
Spring Stats: .208/.311/.358 - 1 HR - 3 RBI - 8 BB - 22 K

Which, if any of these players do you still wish was in a Nats uni??? Sound off in the comments!


  1. I think its a slam dunk. While I enjoyed rooting for both Dunn and Willingham, I totally agreed with getting younger and better defensively. To me its Peralta and then maybe Batista (only because he would not have cost what Coffey did) Not sure they were ready to give Peralta the closer role like the Rays have but again, better than Coffey. I guess Broderick could prove to be a steal and handle long relief and Gaudin has also been a pleasant surprise but you can never have enough pitching.

    Go Nats

  2. Who is Nieves with this season? - Who? -- Will Nieves. Great guy - not so great a player but I wish him well. Will miss Dunn, of course, Willingham and Bautista. A bit nervous about Willie Harris' resurgence coming back to bite us.

  3. Peralta was a risk for two years at his age--but Rizzo will rightly face criticism if he blossoms for Tampa Bay and our bullpen significantly regresses.

  4. letting peralta go was really dumb, a young bullpen arm that showed promise over an extended period...rizzo lost focus on that one, too concerned with other areas of the will be a learning experience