Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Psuedo-Live Blog of Werth Presser

I am going to be posting a stream-of-consciousness series of thoughts about today's Jayson Werth "Introduction to Phase Two" press conference.

Without further ado, here are my thoughts on the MASN production of the Scott Boras and Jayson Werth Show.

And go.

12:57 - I now know more about the ECU Men's Basketball team than I ever knew before; in that, they have a Men's Basketball team.

12:59 - MASN Special Report!!

1:00 - John De(n)ver, does not sing Rocky Mountain High, but does introduce the team players. Riggleman, Rizzo, Werth, and Boras. In other news the "Phase Two" tally is now at 1.

1:02 - Jayson Werth is clean-shaven. Sad day for all bearded men. But he is rocking a nice Soul Patch.

1:03 - Photo-op of Werth in the new Nats Curly W-filled jersey. Takes him about an hour and a half to button it up. John Dever asks him to spin for the camera, working the catwalk.

1:06 - "Grittyness" "Will-to-win" "Unpolished" "Underdog" all out of Werth's mouth in a 10 second span.

1:07 - Big smiles from Werth about Matt Stairs.

1:08 - Wants to play "into his 40s"

1:08 - Dave Nichols asks about living up to the contract. "wants to be involved with something greater than we have seen before" "no undo pressure" "cliched answer" "going to war"

1:08 - Craig Heist says something, probably about how much he hates Ian Desmond.

1:09 - Zuck asks about having the weight of being the star "looking forward to it".

1:10 - Werth investing in lots of polish. As he says that word 3 more times.

1:11 - Feels strongly about the talent in DC.

1:11 - We Love DC says "Coors" in a very funny way. Almost like "Cooers". In a related note, Werth is excited about staying in the NL East.

1:12 - Man that profile view of the soul patch is something else...

1:13 - More cliched answers about preparation. He has been prepared by Boras pretty well.

1:14 - In my favorite moment, Werth says that he missed what happened in Philly with Cliff Lee. Fantastic.

1:15 - Werth has a no-trade clause?? News to me.

1:16 - I am curious what "Advanced training methods" Werth is referring to.

1:18 - Werth refers to his past relationship with Riggleman in 2004 with the Dodgers.

1:20 - Magic words "I hate to lose". Much better to have an athlete that hates to lose, rather than loves to win.

1:21 - "Scrappy"

1:22 - Tom Boswell!!! Awesome cable-knit sweater. "The more I play, the better I am going to get. That's pretty evident" Cocky. Love it.

1:24 - Last call!

1:26 - On Nats vs. Phillies, "If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best." "Over time, people will see that the Nationals are for real."

1:27 - John De(n)ver leaves us with "Take Me Home, Country Roads."

Initial Thoughts:
- Werth can be a pretty funny guy, but is a walking cliche-machine.
- Glad Boras didn't say a word.
- Glad there was no Debbie Taylor or Ray Knight.
- Only a few MASN-style audio glitches.
- Good for the Nationals for giving credentials to bloggers.
- Should be a fun year.
- Is it Spring Training yet???

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