Friday, December 17, 2010

Give Wang a Chance

With the Nationals recently parting ways with Josh Willingham, not resigning Adam Dunn, and spending a spectacular amount of money on Jayson Werth, there seems to be an increasing amount of frustration in NatsTown... and NatsTown is no stranger to frustration.

So when the Nationals signed Chien-Ming Wang to another 1 year deal worth $1 million, there are some that were baffled by the contract. After all, Wang can earn up to $5 million in incentives. But cool your jets, folks. This is not a bad deal, even if Wang never shows up to Nationals Park. Here's why...
  • He's a proven 19 game winner who is capable of pitching with a sub-4.00 ERA.
  • He showed significant progress at the end of last season, and even pitched to live hitters.
  • If he pans out, Rizzo and the front office will look brilliant, signing the 2006 AL Cy Young runner-up for a measly $1 million.
  • Even if he meets all of his contractual incentives, and the club has to pay him $5 million, it's still a steal.
  • The amount of media attention and merchandising the Nats will get from the Far East should Wang become a regular starter will make the Lerners even richer, which means even more big free agents to DC.
So, while I am truly concerned about many things that have (and haven't) happened in the off-season this year, the $1 million contract to Chien-Ming Wang doesn't register anywhere on that list. What say you, loyal readers?

1 comment:

  1. Win win win. This is your standard Low-Risk, High-Reward type scenario. If he pitches well, awesome. If not, all we have lost is $1 million (as ridiculous as it sounds for regular people).