Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Former Nats Greats #2

And now for a break from the Winter Meetings whispers...

For our 2nd installment of Former Nats Greats, we head back to the very first week of 2005. Our piece for today focuses on a pitcher that threw just 2.1 innings for the ball club. And as you see, those 2.1 innings did not go very well at all. That being said, our mystery pitcher and winner of Former Nats Great #2 is...

Antonio Osuna!

Lets start with the raw stats.

2.1 IP. 9H. 11ER. 11R. 7BB. 0K. 42.43 ERA.

Wow. Where to begin? Lets start with that amazing 27.00 BB/9 (walks per 9 innings) ratio. Or maybe the fact that he gave up 11ER while only getting 7 outs. Does this paint the picture well enough? Yes, but lets keep going anyway...

Sabermetric Stats.
WHIP ([Walks+Hits]/IP) - 6.86
HR/9 - 7.71
BABIP (Batting Average of Balls in Play) - .515
WAR (Wins Above Replacement) - -.3
WAR Value - $-1.1 Million Dollars (that's, once again, NEGATIVE $1.1 Million Dollars)

Had enough? Nope? You want to see all of his 4 appearances? Ok, you asked for it...

April 4th (Opening Day) - Pitched the 6th inning.
1IP. 2H. 0HR. 1R. 1ER. 0K. 2BB.

April 6th - Pitched the last out in the 6th.
.1IP. 0H. 0HR. 0R. 0ER. 0K. 0BB. (Things are looking up!)

April 8th - Got 1 out in the 8th.
.1IP. 3H. 1HR. 6R. 6ER. 0K. 3BB.

April 10th - Got 2 outs in the 8th.
.2IP. 4H. 1HR. 4R. 4ER. 0K. 2BB.

April 11th - DL.

May 12th - Surgery.

Oct 3rd - Released.

Sometimes you take a chance. You try to find that one key player; out there to score one final big league contract. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains. I would definitely classify this as a rain situation. Antonio Osuna went from a top 15 Baseball America prospect at age 22 to being listed as a Former Nats Great at age 32 for his final season.

Congratulations to you, Antonio Osuna. We hardly knew ye.


  1. You forgot to mention that because all four of Osuna's appearances were on the road prior to that very first Nats game at RFK, he never once played before a home crowd.

    Osuna was proof four years before the 2009 bullpen implosion that Leatherpants Bowden had absolutely no ability to judge relief pitchers.

  2. So true, well done Tony Tavares and Jim Bowden.