Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Now that Chico's gone...

.... is he really gone? Mere hours after Mac posted about 40-man roster maintenance yesterday and predicted he would be one of the pitchers to go, the Nationals designated Matt Chico for assignment. It was a good decision for the Nats, given Chico's age and the tough decisions that the front office will have to make in the next few days to free up two more spots.

But because Chico was DFA'd and not outright released, is there a chance he passes through waivers and ends up in Syracuse? It seems incredibly unlikely. Even if he makes it through the 7 days and no MLB team claims him, I don't think he goes back to pitch in AAA without being on the 40-man roster. The only reason Chico was happy to stay there in the first place was the off chance that a bomb goes off in the Nats starting rotation, giving him an opportunity to pitch in DC again.

But without that opportunity, I have to imagine he'll take his chances with a Spring Training invite from another team. He's bound to get a little bit of interest there. Though that raises another issue. If you can't make the Washington Nationals starting rotation, what rotation can you make? It really puts Chico in a tough spot. Chico's injury history also doesn't help with his advancing age.

Whatever happens, good luck to Matt. With the Nationals in a true rebuilding stage with very young arms and very experienced veterans, he never really stood a chance.


  1. Whether here or somewhere else, Chico is strictly AAAA cannon fodder. His shot to prove he belonged in the majors was in 2008 after his passable rookie season, but he crapped the bed and then got injured.

    That said, I do wish him luck. He always seemed like a decent guy.

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  3. As I looked at this, I saw that Mark Zuckerman has posted that Chico will be returning to Syracuse and will get an invite to Spring Training. Wow, color me confused on this move.

  4. sometimes nice guys get theirs...

  5. Doesn't happen enough, Sean. I'm happy for Matt if this is what he wanted, even though it made me very, very wrong.