Monday, September 19, 2011

Rookie Talent

This September had the potential to be a harbinger for things to come in NatsTown - a chance for all the fans to catch a glimpse of the future. Thus far, the rookies have provided more than just a glimpse of the future, they have given the team a new present. Three rooks in particular have piqued my interest. Let's take a look at their resumes and potential for MLB employment in 2012.

Chris Marrero - Drafted 1st round (15th overall) in 2006
Drafting high school players has always been a gamble. The potential is always there with such young players, but it rarely ever develops to full potential - Marrero is no exception. He never turned into the power-hitting first-baseman. However, this September he has shown that although he doesn't have the 1B power he is a fairly intelligent baseball player who has a well-rounded game.

His 2011 season has seen 9 RBIs in just 75 ABs, to go along with a decent .989 Fielding Percentage.

I don't see Marrero with the big club next year, not with LaRoche expected to return in Spring Training and Morse roaming around in Left Field.

Brad Peacock - 41st round (1,231st overall) in 2006
For a player that literally came out of nowhere, Peacock has a helluva resume, from stellar minor league seasons to Pitcher of the Year awards. Peacock has flown through the ranks of the Nationals system, poised to become a major league pitcher as soon as next year. He has shown nothing but positive signs that he is a major part of our future.

His first appearance aside - Peacock dazzled in his only start of his major league career; going 5.0 innings, allowing just two hits and getting his first MLB win.

I see Peacock being in the Nats Rotation in 2012.

Tom Milone - 10th round (301st overall) in 2008
Milone has had a bit more time in the Majors than his counterparts, and his rust is beginning to wear off. So far, each start has been better than the previous, and that is about all you can ask for at this stage. As he gets more comfortable being in 40,000+ seat stadia, Milone has begun to show the stuff that has made him a top Nats prospect.

In his most recent start he went 5.1 IP while giving up just 3 hits - earning his first MLB win.

I see Milone being in the Nats Rotation in 2012.

The scouts and baseball people always say that you can't put too much stock into September performances, I don't think that tells the whole picture though. You can't put too much stock into the numbers in September, whats important to look for is how the players are adjusting to the pressures of everyday life in the bigs - whether they are capable of moving a runner over, or knocking him in on a SAC fly - whether they can get through a lineup that third time, do they get better each time out.

We are witnesses to all of these positives with these three players - enjoy it.


  1. The frustrating thing to note with Marrero is that his OPS is lower than Desmond's and Bernadina's. A .290 average-singles hitter with a so-so glove just isn't going to cut it at 1B in the Major Leagues. Then again, he is still young and has time to develop more power.

  2. With Peacock and Milone in, who doesn't make it? Wang? Lannan?

  3. Take away Marerro's debut where he had about 500 errors and that fielding pct to be legitimately good.

  4. I think that Rizzo would only bring Wang back as trade bait - Davey def wants him. So that's who is the odd man out to me - though either Milone or Peacock could be beat by Purke. I won't rule that out.

  5. Mac,

    There is no way Purke is going to make up next year. MAYBE as a September call up. They are going to want to strengthen that shoulder and see how he does in the minors. He will start in Potomac. He won't have time to move to the Majors by then...

  6. All three players have something that the numbers will not show. Just watch them - all 3 are smart baseball players already, and very poised. Their skills are good - maybe not superstar caliber, but can continue to develop. What is hard to teach is that level-headed, common-sense approach that they all appear to have. They just don't seem to rattle easily.Most of a team needs to be "everyday players" - I will take a Scott Rolen type guy that works hard and is consistent anyday of the week. Marrero has not shown power yet, but he knows what to do when he is up there and could teach some of the"veterans" how to sacrifice a player in from third base. I think the fo is really into the concept of a "homegrown" rotation next year, too. As a fan I think that would be way cool.

  7. Rich, I totally agree with you. I'm just saying of all the people currently in the system the only one with the potential to beat them is Purke. I'm not saying its going to happen, I'm just saying that Purke at 100% is right there.