Thursday, September 22, 2011

CJ Wilson to the Nats?

A few days ago, Bill Ladson reported that the Nats had scouts in Oakland for last night's Rangers - A's battle - specifically for the purpose of scouting CJ Wilson's start. (Note: Wilson went 6 innings and gave up 2 ER while walking 3 and striking out 8).

By now you have seen plenty of other takes on this subject and whether or not CJ Wilson would be a valuable piece for the Nationals to have going forward.

I'm gonna just go ahead and say - No thanks, I'm good.

You might say that I'm crazy that I'm not interested in bringing aboard a pitcher that has a combined 10.1 WAR over the past two years.

All I have to say in response is that...
1 - He is already 31 years old and will want a 4+ year deal.
2 - He has only been a starter for two seasons.
3 - He has been on the DL for both Shoulder and Elbow issues.
4 - Sources say that he could be worth at least the same $82.5 Million that AJ Burnett and John Lackey received - and how is that working for the Yanks and Sox???
5 - I would much rather see Milone, Peacock, Wang, or Detwiler fill out the last 2 spots in the rotation.

What do you think, CapBallers?


  1. I agree wholeheartedly. Wilson would be a nice addition, but his value is similar to that of Jayson Werth: a solid, complementary part but not exactly a slam-dunk, difference maker (and certainly not worth the hefty investment). If the team is determined to throw money around, why not pursue the likes of Sabbathia (if he elects to become a FA) or a big bat like Fielder?

  2. Pass. We're fine and.... save some cash to pay Ryan Zimmerman whatever he wants!

  3. Agree; not because I don't want the pitcher but because he'll most likely never live up to whatever contract he gets. Make no mistake; he's a solid #2 starter in this league, the kind of near-ace that can really make a team better, and he's absolutely a more proven commodity than any of the #5 starter ceiling guys you mention above. But for my money the 2012 season is still a transition year for this team and the 2012 off season FA starter market is a ton better.

    We struggle through one more .500 year, get a big name in the 2012 off season, Harper and Rendon join a strong lineup and we win in 2013.