Friday, September 23, 2011

Espi > Phils

Something strange has been happening lately - Danny Espinosa has been owning the Phillies.

When I decided to sit down and actually do research for this post, I found out that it goes much further than I had imagined. Some of the stats that I have found are absolutely amazing.

So, without further ado - let's take a statistical journey through Danny Espinosa's career against the Phillies - bullet-point style.

- His 2011 slash-line against the Phillies is .333/.414/.733. For those of you that can, you know, add, that comes out at a 1.147 OPS. [Ed. Note - Stats as of 9/22/11]

- In his relatively-short career, Danny Espinosa has 277 Total Bases - 52 of those have come against the Phillies. The next closest opponent is a tie between the Mets and the Braves at just 32 Total Bases.

- He has ten 3-Hit games this year, and three are against the Phillies.

- Espinosa has owned 3-time All-Star and Cy Young Award winner, Cliff Lee, to the tune of a .700/.700/1.700 slash-line in 10 career PA against him.

- Using our old friend addition - that is a 2.400 OPS against Cliff Lee. The next closest with at least 10 ABs vs. Lee is Manny Ramirez with a 1.583 in 17 ABs.

- More about Espi dominating Lee? Ok. Lee has given up 17 home runs this season - only Danny Espinosa has more than 1. He has 3.

- One last Lee nugget. Only 1 player has more career home runs against Lee than Espinosa - Paul Konerko with 6 (in 5x as many PAs).

- Roy Halladay has only given up 10 home runs this year, one of them was to Espinosa. (Note: Laynce *The Daynce* Nix and Michael Morse have also homered off of Halladay this year).

- Vance Worley has only given up 11 home runs this year, one of them was to Espinosa.

- Of Danny's 27 career homers - 8 have come against the Phils.

All of these numbers, including Cliff Lee's 4 remaining contract years, bode well for the Nationals as they build on what is becoming a heated rivalry between the two ball clubs.


  1. It is my feeling that Danny is going to thrive on this. He does not appear to want to be Mr. Nice Guy , he is intense and at times has swagger. The more they hate on him, the more intense he will become. I have a question for you though, I know he has a a high number of hbp -- were a lot of those by phils? I predict a brawl at some point. He is on their nerves, they will go inside one too many times and he will explode all over them.

  2. Only 3 of his 19 career HBPs have come against the Phils. I think that the bad blood would've been started due to the fact that John Lannan has plunked both Howard and Utley 3x each.