Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Goodbye for Now: Big Changes to the Blog

It was almost two seasons ago now that I decided to start a Washington Nationals blog called Section 409, which is now known as Capitol Baseball. Through the help of a number of people, including and especially Dave Nichols and Mark Zuckerman, this blog turned into something I never expected.

This experiment started as a way for me to get my numerous and never-ending thoughts about baseball, and more specifically the Nats, out of my brain for others to see. When I started, just family and friends were reading, and to me, that was great. But nearly two seasons and tens of thousands of readers later, I've decided it's time for me to try something new.

Effective September 12, I will be taking over as the Managing Editor of The Nats Blog. When the blog's founder, Will Yoder, approached me with the opportunity to write for and manage such a well-respected blog, I just couldn't say no. We've worked out the logistics, and I am extremely excited for this new opportunity.

As far as Capitol Baseball goes, here's the good news. It's not going anywhere. My great friend Craig, better known to you all as Mac, will be taking over as Managing Editor and Head Writer here at Capitol Baseball. His brother Sean, a baseball guru in his own right, will be joining the team as a Contributing Writer. Craig will also be writing one guest post a week over at The Nats Blog.

I don't want to make this post too long, so I'll look to wrap it up here, but I must say this: From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank every single person (even the ones who strongly disagreed with me over the years) that has ever read this blog in the past and will ever read it in the future. Creating Capitol Baseball has been one of the greatest experiences of my life, and I appreciate everyone that has been part of it, especially my fiancée Keri, who encouraged me to start it in the first place.

So again, thank you, enjoy Craig's and Sean's thoughts here, and I'll see you at The Nats Blog.

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