Monday, June 7, 2010

Two Days of Nats Prospects

Today is June 7th. To computer nerds (like me), it is known as the day that Apple hosts its Worldwide Developers Conference where they'll likely release the next iPhone. But for baseball nerds (also like me), it is Day One of the 2010 MLB Amateur Draft.

Bryce Harper
At approximately 7:15 pm this evening, Mike Rizzo and company will have to officially say what he's know for a while now. Will they take Bryce Harper 1st overall in 2010? The answer, quite simply, is yes.

Harper has been electric as a 17 year old and many scouts are saying he may be one of the best offensive prospects ever. Harper batted .442 in his 65 games played with an OBP of .524. Every other time he went to bat, he reached base. Absolutely incredible. One concern that the Nats should have about Harper is his attitude and on-field demeanor.

Now infamously, Harper was ejected from a game in the Junior College World Series after drawing a line in the dirt, showing up the home plate ump. It was not a smart protest by the young Harper, with the entire crowd watching his every move. The ump knew this too, and maybe thought he'd make stories for ejecting the latest phenom. And maybe Harper had something to protest about. The pitch looked to be about a mile outside. Literally in the right handed batters box. He should still have been more grown up than that. But then again... he's 17 years old people!

Stephen Strasburg
And tomorrow (June 8, in case you were living under a rock for the last week or so), it will be the Nats current phenom, Stephen Strasburg, making his MLB debut. RHP Craig Stammen was optioned to AAA Syracuse last night after his start against the Reds. Stammen pitched a solid 6 2/3 and only 66 pitches before getting pulled by Riggleman. Strasburg will face Jeff Karstens from Pittsburgh, who has a 4.50 ERA, but has spent most of his short MLB season (called up April 27th) in the bullpen. Talk about two contrasting starters.

Not too much more to say about SS until tomorrow when the start actually finally happens, but Capitol Baseball will be there with great pictures, from the first pitch to the standing ovation walk to the dugout.

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