Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Strasburg and Nats Go for the Kill

After a shockingly bad month of baseball, the Nats have taken 2 of 3 from the Kansas City Royals and will go for the sweep this afternoon with Stephen Strasburg on the mount. The Nats bats came alive last night, with Josh Willingham hitting his 100th career home run and Adam Dunn crushing his 17th on the season.

The team is still unable to get those home runs with runners on base, but they did tally 11 hits on the game on Tuesday. Stephen Strasburg, the rookie with 3 starts, 3 MLB records, and extensive talk about making the All-Star team will face the Royals RHP Brian Bannister who is 6-5, but has a very high 5.70 ERA and only 47 Ks in 14 games. Strasburg (2-0), in case you haven't been obsessively following like the rest of the baseball world, has a 1.86 ERA and 32 strike outs. Again, that's in only 3 starts.

Strasburg looks to continue his dominance today and, for the first time in a while, not be the stopper for a losing streak. Lineups will be out in the next few hours, and with a day game after a night game, you hope to not see a lot of bench players starting.

For now, I go back to having the shakes in minute 76 of the USA World Cup game...

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