Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day Two of DC's Prospect-o-rama: Strasmas

Yesterday, I wrote about the Nats choosing Bryce Harper #1 overall in the 2010 MLB 1st Year Player Draft. (Harperkkah? anyone? maybe not.) And today... oh man... today...

Stephen Strasburg will make his Major League Baseball debut. I can't even believe I'm saying it myself. It's finally happening, the Messiah has come on this day known around DC, and now across the country, as Strasmas.

Strasburg will join the Nationals with a combined 7-2 record, a 1.30 ERA, and 65 strikeouts in the minor leagues. The Nats starter with the most strikeouts this season was RHP Craig Stammen actually, who was just sent down to AAA Syracuse to make room for Strasburg. Stammen had 31 Ks... Less than half of what Strasburg did in the minors.

Unfortunately, the hype around Strasburg has led to unreasonably high expectations. Some people, including me at times, expect SS to come onto the field at Nats Park tomorrow and expect a true Jesus-like miracle. Listen folks. This is a 21 year old kid who is going to have his share of bad days, because even the best of the best pitchers in history had them. And we're assume SS is the best of the best, and we have no idea if he actually is yet. Let us all remember, even if Strasburg goes out and has a horrible game today, it is just one game of many in his career.

After that downer of a paragraph, I must disclose that this was my feeble attempt at managing unreasonably high expectations, that even I hold, as I write this post in excitement of first pitch in a little less than 12 hours. (Aside: Baseball Historian Ken Burns will be throwing out the ceremonial 1st pitch at tonight's game... how appropriate.) I find it increasingly difficult to contain my elation for today's events.

Check back here either late tonight (depending on my level of exhaustion post game) or early tomorrow morning for pictures and comments about crowd reaction and the quality of pitches.

It's going to be a magical day in NatsTown.

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