Saturday, June 5, 2010

Strasburg's 2nd DC Start

Well, everyone knows that Stephen Strasburg's MLB debut is this Tuesday, June 8th. The game will be covered locally on MASN 2 and nationally on MLB Network. Then, the Nats head on a little road trip to Cleveland to see the old skipper Manny Acta and to Detroit.

I went and looked at the old Nats schedule for June 19th, and the Nationals were supposed to play the White Sox in some interleague play at 7:05 pm. Well now, Fox will be showing that game as their Saturday afternoon game at 4:10 pm.

It's probably not an accident that the change just happens to be right on schedule to be Stephen Strasburg's 3rd start of the season, and 2nd at home. If you weren't able to land tickets to the June 8th game, you may want to go to soon to claim yours for the 19th for your next best chance.

Later this weekend, I'm going to have some fairly in depth coverage of the abysmal umpiring this weekend in DC. Stay tuned, and feel free to comment.

DISCLAIMER: I am not guaranteeing any start by Strasburg, nor am I encouraging anyone to scalp tickets or purchase tickets for $2,000,000. That's just not smart. I will not be held responsible for any changes in pitching schedule or "lost tickets." I felt like that needed to be said to cover my behind.

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