Tuesday, July 5, 2011

PM Discussion Post: Trading Block

It's now July 5th and you are sitting in your office this afternoon wishing you were at another barbeque, probably surfing the internet for something to occupy your time before its quitting time. We are glad to provide you with something to keep you busy. Let's talk.

If someone would've told you that the Nats would be at .500 on July 4th despite injuries to Zimmerman and LaRoche and with an ineffective Werth, would you believe them? I know that I wouldn't, as my prediction was for 75 wins, I believe. We have gotten to this point with timely hitting, solid defense, and outstanding starting pitching. Which leads me to this question...

With all the quality AA/AAA pitching depth the Nats have (Detwiler, Maya, Millone, Meyers, Peacock), and with the Nats flirting with a Wild Card Birth (7 games out) ...

1) Would you trade Marquis, Livo, and/or Gorzelanny now?
2) Who would you bring up to replace them?

We would love to hear your ideas in the Comments!


  1. Marquis to the Tigers for Charlie Furbush.

  2. Furbush is a good piece but he isn't really a prospect at age 25. That's the only thing that worries me about him - shouldn't he have made the leap yet?

  3. Yea, at least he is "quality" at AAA? Yea, lets go with that.

  4. Trade Marquis for whatever you can get for him.

    Livan you keep; $/win is so low he's one of the best bargains in baseball.

    Gorzelanny you keep; under arbitration control for several more years. He's not trade bait.

    Ankiel, Hairston, Cora, Pudge, Coffey all one-year FAs and should explore moves for whatever lower-end prospects they could bring.