Sunday, July 3, 2011

Clippard Makes ASG Plus Snubs

Congrats to Peaches for making his first All-Star game!

Once again the workhorse of the Nationals staff, Clippard is 2nd in WPA of all baseball relievers with a 3.14 Win Probability Added. He has a sub-2 ERA (1.96) and a sub-1 WHIP (0.87). His 11.15 K/9 ranks him in the top 10 of all NL relievers.

Once again the Nationals have just one all-star representative, despite being .500 and in sole possession of 3rd place in one of the toughest divisions in baseball. Clippard was definitely deserving of the nod, but so were Storen, Zimmermann, Espinosa and Morse.

Danny Espinosa

Leads all MLB rookies in WAR, HR, Runs, and RBIs. He leads all NL 2B in Homers and is 2nd in WAR, UZR, and RBIs. Case closed.

Jordan Zimmermann

Though his win-loss record is a paltry 5-7, Jordan Zimmermann has far and away been the Nats best pitcher this year. His ERA (2.63) is 5th best in the NL, WHIP (1.07) is 6th best, BB/9 is 5th best, K/BB is 6th best, and his HR/9 is 2nd best. Wins and losses are what gets a starter to the ASG, but if you look past that to some actual numbers, there's no question that Zimmermann has been one of the National Leagues best pitchers.

Drew Storen

He has the 4th most saves in all of the NL, and is 20 for 23. He is one of the best personalities on this club and would've represented the team very well.

Michael Morse

Hampered by the dearth of quality first-basemen in the National League, Morse is still up for the MLB Final Vote. His Slugging Percentage is 5th in the NL, OPS is 10th, OPS+ is 9th, and his AB/HR ratio is 6th. In addition to the silly offensive numbers he has put him in the past 2.5 months, he has filled in admirably at 1B for the injured LaRoche - picking up a .997 Fielding Percentage at first, good for 3rd in the NL.


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