Thursday, April 28, 2011

Former Nats Greats - #20

Well it has been a wonderful journey thus far, one which I hope you have enjoyed just as much as I have. We aren't going anywhere, and neither did today's Former Nats Great. Today we are going to be talking about yet another Nats player that played his last Major League game in a Nats Uniform...

Who is the not-so-lucky inductee??

Jerome Williams!

When looking back on Williams' time with the Nats I was sure that it was in either '05 or '06, but nope. It was not so long ago in 2007. Somehow, someway Jerome was able to finish in the top of the Great 2007 Pitching Rotation Cattle Call - along with some Future Editions of Former Nats Greats. His career in a DC lasted just 6 games...

Let's delve a little bit deeper and list his first few starts -

April 6th vs. Diamondbacks - 6 IP. 6 H. 5 R. 4 ER. 2 BB. 4 K. 7-1 Loss.
April 11th vs. Atlanta - 5 IP. 4 H. 2 R. 2 ER. 4 BB. 4 K. 8-3 Loss.
April 17th vs. Atlanta - 5 IP. 7 H. 4 R. 4 ER. 2 BB. 4 K. 6-4 Loss.
April 22nd vs. Florida - 6 IP. 9 H. 10 R. 9 ER. 4 BB. 2 K. 12-6 Loss.

It was at this point in the season where the Nats must have realized that they had made a mistake. His ERA had ballooned to 7.77, he had 12 walks and 26 hits allowed in just 22 IP and things were bleak. I would hope that the Nationals were going to cut ties with him if he put out another start like before. So, what happened next? Well, a flash of brilliance of course.

April 28th vs. New York (NL) - 6 IP. 1 H. 0 R. 0 ER. 5 BB. 1 K. No Decision.

Things definitely looked great for 6 innings of work, until Williams cranked what he believed to be his first big league homer. Trotting out of the box, admiring his handiwork the ball bounced off the base of the work. Williams had hurt his ankle on the swing, apparently. He ended up coming out for the 7th, but was removed after walking the first batter.

A DL stint followed and he returned for one more game mid-May.

May 15th vs. New York (NL) - 2 IP. 7 H. 5 R. 5 ER. 1 BB. 1 K. 6-2 Loss.

Jerome lasted just 2 innings into the game, as he got pulled for a rotator-cuff injury. He never again pitched in the Majors.

Totals from 6 games:
0-5 Record. 7.20 ERA. 1.733 WHIP. 6.64 FIP. 0.83 SO/BB. -0.4 WAR.

Brutal. Just brutal.

Well, you won't make it to Cooperstown but you did make it into the hallowed halls of the Former Nats Greats.

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  1. I have a hard time taking enjoyment in reading this one. It's amazing that the 2007 team with its Who Wants to Be a Starting Pitcher? rotation actually managed to finish with the 2nd best record of ANY Nats team so far. Which of course turned out to be the worst possible thing that could have happened as it convinced Leatherpants and the ownership that they could continue to get by on the cheap before it all came crashing down in consecutive 100 loss seasons.

  2. How about the king of mediocrity and (inexplicable) longevity, Kory Casto? Or the pinch-hitter (far from)extraordinaire, Rob Mackowiak?

    I'd also put in a plug for the man with the best beer gut in MLB, Ray King, except that he actually was a good use of a roster spot for several teams, and thus may not qualify for Nats Great status.