Friday, April 1, 2011

Former Nats Greats - #16

Today's installment of Former Nats Greats focuses on a speedster who came to the Nationals, wowing everyone immediately with his talents, only to be shipped out of town. Sound like a familiar story? Well, its not who you think...

Our special inductee is none other than Emilio Bonifacio!

Bonifacio came to the Nationals via trade in July 2008, the trade that sent the Wookie (Jon Rauch) to the Diamondbacks. His first appearance came on August 1st of that same year, and his first week became a part of Nats lore. Lets check out his first week in the Curly W.

August 1: 1 for 4 - SB and RBI
August 2: 2 for 5 - 2B and 3B
August 3: 2 for 4 - 2 1B
August 4: 3 for 5 - 3B and RBI
August 5: 0 for 4
August 7: 2 for 5 - 3B and RBI
August 7: 2 for 5 - SB and RBI

For those of you scoring at home, that rounds out to be 12 for 32 (.375 AVG) with 3 triples, 2 stolen bases, and 4 RBIs. As it was, the Nats won 6 of those 7 games, the only loss? You got it, August 5th, when EBone went 0 for 4.

At this moment, fantasy baseball players rushed to pick up Bonifacio for his speed and high average. Boy, would they be disappointed...

The next 5 games, Bonifacio went 0 for 20 with 7 K, with the Nats losing all 5. So goes, Emilio, so goes the team.

He would pull out of it, but wouldn't again have as much gusto as before. His only other high point was that he got hits in 14 of his next 16 games after the 0for streak.

Lets check out his Nats Stats - 41 Games - .248 AVG - 26 Runs - 6 SB - 26.1% K% - -0.3 WAR - -2.5 UZR

The team was able to trade Emilio that offseason in a coup that brought both Scott Olsen and Josh Willingham to the Nats - which we in turn received Corey Brown and Henry Rodriguez via the A's. Hammer was a success with the Nats, so we should thank Emilio for his contribution to the ballclub!

Congrats Emilio for your enshrinement in the Former Nats Great Hall of Fame, you are now suffering in the blistering summer heat of south Florida as a jack of all trades with the Fish. You should be truly honored!

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