Friday, February 4, 2011

Trade Candidate?

NOTE: I wrote this post on January 17th with the intention of it being a rainy-day post; for a slow news day. In the past week however, Phil Wood included a note in his MASN blog about the Nats having interest (at least internally) about dealing for Fausto Carmona and Grady Sizemore; since being debunked by every major Nationals internal source and every major news network. With that in mind, I just wanted to share this with you now that the cat is apparently out of the bag. No longer a rainy-day post, but now (maybe) a possibility, enjoy my thoughts about exploring a Grady Sizemore trade.

The summer of 2002 was a rough time for the Expos organization, they were in fighting for 1st place in the NL East and they had a chance to make the postseason for the first time in over 20 years. They needed some help to achieve that however, and General Manager Omar Minaya had little hope in a future of baseball in Montreal as the writing was already on the wall that the franchise was doomed. Minaya decided that his best shot at a winner was to do some mid-summer wheeling and dealing. In the span of two and half weeks the Expos traded away Cliff Lee, Grady Sizemore, Carl Pavano, and Brandon Phillips for players such as Tim Drew and Bartolo Colon. As they say, the rest is history.

Now, one of those players listed above, after being named "without a doubt one of the greatest players of our generation" by his GM, is on thin ice with his organization. Who might I be talking about? Grady Sizemore.

Sizemore has played in Cleveland since his major league debut in 2004, garnering national attention and numerous accolades for his baseball prowess. But in the past two years, his expensive contract has become a boondoggle for the Indians, as he has missed significant time due to major injury (throwing elbow and left knee microfracture surgery). Today, Buster Olney of reported that the Indians hold an $8.5 million dollar option for 2012, meaning that the club will need to decide over the next 9 months if they want to take a chance on exercising the option, pulling off a trade, or letting him walk. Could Sizemore potentially end up with the team that drafted him 75th overall in the 2000 MLB Draft?

This is where the Nats come in.

GM Mike Rizzo has never been shy in pulling the trigger on a trade, as evidenced recently by his massive attempt at Zach Greinke. And although Sizemore is a fan favorite back in Cleveland, I believe that the club's patience is waning after 2 years of serious injury. That, coupled with Nyjer Morgan's up-and-down career in Washington, the Nats may be looking to upgrade at center field with this 3-time All-Star and 2-time Gold Glove winner.

Lets take a look at his 162-Game Averages:
.272 AVG. .840 OPS. 25 HR. 84 RBI. 112 Runs. 26 SB.

Career WAR: 28.2 (Fangraphs). 27.9 (Baseball-Reference)
Career UZR: 29.2

Yes, he has suffered major surgery in the past 12 months, but this is a hard-nosed player who has the possiblity to be a steal for a club like the Nats. There are, of course, a lot of dominoes that would have to fall in order for this to become a reality (Nyjer continue his demise, Sizemore burns some bridges, etc.), but I am just putting this out there to the Natosphere to see what you all think of potentially adding Grady Sizemore to the team.

Would you add Grady Sizemore to the Nats? What would you give up for him? Sound off in the Comments Section!


  1. He'd be worth the risk as long as the Nats don't give up any of their true prospects to get him. How about Nyjer for Sizemore straight up? Sounds laughable until you realize how much salary the Indians would be saving this year.

    The club option is what makes this possibility really intriguing. If Sizemore gets hurt again and/or can't play at his former level they could cut their losses and let him walk. But if he regains his form they would have their starting center fielder for next year when Strasburg is back.

    It makes too much sense--that's why it probably won't happen.

  2. The Nats cannot afford to "sell the farm" for Grady Sizemore. It would make absolutely no sense unless Cleveland basically gave him away. This, again, 'pears to be fantasy baseball thinking ... almost as ludicrous as the Minor League Baseball Analyst's take on Nats prospects. Players injured for an entire year move up in the rankings ... this is what this article seems like ..

    Bet on Corey Brown and Bryce Harper ... NOT Sizemore.

  3. I never said that we should "sell the farm" for him or even that we should make the deal at all. I was simply opening up discussion for the possibility of it happening.

    In that spirit, who would you give up for Sizemore, Anon? Would you even want to make that trade?

  4. In that spirit, who would you give up for Sizemore, Anon? Would you even want to make that trade?

    Justin Maxwell ... too late he is gone ... perhaps Morgan ... ;) Nope, they would want Lannan an Acta favorite.

  5. The Natz have the $. Send Gonzo, Stammen, and Morgan. We have the outfield covered to begin the season ( Morse - LF, Nix, Ankiel, Bernadina - CF, Werth - RF) Sizemore can ease himself back to playing everyday.

  6. I would make that trade all day long. Don't forget about Hairston, he would also be in the mix.

    I approve of a Bernie/Morse, Sizemore, Werth outfield.