Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It Begins: A Reader Participation Post

Nats Spring Training invitees gather around the coaching staff.
(Photo Courtesy @NationalsPR)

This photo just made me happy, so I figured it deserved a post. Spring training is in full swing and the team is getting ready to go. As March quickly approaches, it's great to see all the familiar numbers on the Curly W jerseys. There's a big #61, a #31, and a #21, a new #22, and even good old #37 off to the left. All this does is remind me of one thing: just 36 days remaining until I walk through the Center Field Gate at Nationals Park, and we start it up all over again.

We'll begin the day to day ramblings of whether Livo's Opening Day start was everything it could have been, if John Lannan's ground ball ratio is high enough, and of course, if Stephen Strasburg will return to the active 25-man roster this year.

So that all leads me to this question. What do you look forward to most about Spring Training and the lead up to Opening Day? Hit the comments with your thoughts!


  1. I look forward to, once the spring training game box scores start rolling in, having actual game results to discuss. :)

  2. I want a good healthy competition and take the best 25 North.

    In Spring Training of 2009, Jordan Zimmermann was that guy and he was up on April 20th of that year.

    In Spring Training 2010, we all knew Strasburg would impress but nobody stepped out of the pile except maybe Roger Bernadina and Michael Morse.

    I want to see someone step up and surprise us in a positive way this Spring and make this team. I have my early bets on Corey Brown.