Monday, September 13, 2010

Re-Signing Adam Kennedy

(AP Photo/Ann Heisenfelt)
Adam Kennedy was a seemingly valuable offseason aquisition for the Nationals for 2010. The team had a gaping hole at 2nd base that needed to be filled, and who better than an aging, past his prime, former ALCS MVP.
When the Nats signed him in the offseason, though, he was coming of a season in Oakland hitting .289 with a .348 OBP. He had above average range at 2nd base. His $1.25 million contract seemed like a great deal.
But now, Kennedy has hit just .248 in 2010, although he's only had sparce at best playing time. His option for 2010 is for $2 million, and there seems to be almost no chance that the Nationals pick that up. Especially with Danny Espinosa in the conversation.
Espinosa will almost certainly get the starting nod for next year, especially considering his performance since he was called up on September 1st. With Alberto Gonzalez performing well off the bench this year, he's probably earned the utility infielder role with the Nats in 2011. To further help his cause, he can play 2nd, 3rd, and shortstop with relative ease.
So all of that seems to leave Kennedy out in the cold, based on his money relative to performance this year. Maybe he'll land on a roster somewhere in the offseason, but it won't be for anywhere near $2 million.


  1. Zero chance we resign Kennedy based on Espinosa's potential. I'd rather pay Pete Orr the league minimum to be the backup 2nd baseman/fill in outfielder role. He's always done well when we've called him up.

  2. I think Lombardozzi could end up on the big club instead of Orr. Orr will likely go the way of Kennedy next year because younger players need to be brought into Syracuse to play ...

  3. No chance Pete Orr makes the roster. He didn't even get called up with expanded rosters in September. The front office preferred Kevin Mench to Orr. That said, you're right. We don't re-sign him.

  4. Kevin Mench... Ha! How did that guy find any work?

  5. I find it amazing that Kevin Mench plays in the Majors still. Seriously.... I'm sure he's a nice guy and all, but...