Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Danny Espinosa's First Game

Danny Espinosa's first game as a Washington Nationals infielder was going to be a boring affair. The Nationals were down 15-5 to the Florida Marlins. Adam Dunn had been pulled from the game to give Espinosa a chance. Well, then Nyjer batted.

For some background, in Tuesday nights game, Nyjer Morgan plowed into the Marlins catcher, separating his shoulder and ending his season. As expected, Chris Volstad hit Nyjer, and he ran to first. Everyone expected it, right? It's fine. But then Nyjer proceeded to steal second base on the next pitch. And then third. Not the classiest thing with the team down by double digits.

When Nyjer Morgan came back up to bat, Chris Volstad threw behind him. That was enough for Nyjer. He charged the mound, jumped at Volstead, benches cleared, bullpens cleared, blood was drawn. Morgan, Volstad, and bullpen guy Jose Veras got tossed from the game.

Nyjer Morgan is already facing a 7 game suspension for an incident in Philadelphia. Then he plowed over the St. Louis Cardinals catcher. Then the Marlins catcher. Now this. I'd have to imagine Morgan now faces a sizable suspension. Not that it will matter much, because Riggleman seems to have had it with Nyjer.

But to get back to the original point, Espinosa got a hit in his first MLB at bat, an RBI double. He also got into a benches clearing big league fight. And almost turned a double play. All in all, Espinosa saw a month's worth of excitement in just one half game. They're not all like this, kid.


  1. Ill say it. I think its fine stealing while down 10 runs. In the past week 2 teams have come from 9+ runs down to tie games up, who's to say we couldn't do it tonight.

    That run that he created could be huge considering its only a 5 run game, and not an 11 run game. I have no problem with it.

  2. Cheers for Danny E! :)

    As for Morgan, I'm with Mac. The game is NEVER over in the 4th inning. Had it been the 9th I could see the point. The Marlins should stop the whining already.

    I also think Riggs errored (again) pulling Dunn instead of Kennedy for Danny. And of course Kennedy GIDPs with runners on 1st and 3rd later in the game. The fact is the Nats DID have a chance to come back in what was a wild game, but Riggs played it like he was raising the white flag.