Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Tale of Two Seasons pt. 2

Yesterday we focused our energies on the drastic 1st/2nd half offensive splits that pretty much each member of the Nats had in 2011. Today we are going to turn our attention to the Pitching staff and how their numbers fluctuated throughout the 2011 campaign.

But first, a disclaimer: The sheer amount of turnover with the Nationals 2011 pitching staff is pretty remarkable. The season's first 5 starters were Hernandez, Lannan, Zimmermann, Marquis, and Gorzelanny. The season's last 6* different starters were Peacock, Strasburg, Wang, Detwiler, Milone, and Lannan. That being said, some of these splits are going to be a little bit lopsided but we are going to work around it.

*I have included six because that's what the Nats were rolling with the close out the season

We are going to focus on those pitchers who got the most starts in 2011

And... Go:
- John Lannan (33 starts) - 1st half 3.64/1.344/.265 - 2nd half 3.79/1.632/.281

- Livan Hernandez (29 starts) - 1st half 4.01/1.368/.285 - 2nd half 5.50/1.463/.303

- Jordan Zimmermann (26 starts) - 1st half 2.66/1.070/.237 - 2nd half 4.47/1.338/.284

- Jason Marquis (20 starts)- 1st half 4.05/1.453/.291 - 2nd half 6.04/1.658/.306

These numbers (aside from Lannan) are a bit false - Livo got shutdown for the good of the ballclub, Zimmermann got shut down because of his ongoing Tommy John rehab, and Marquis got traded. So, let's take a broader look at the starters as a whole and their splits.

Starters - 1st half - 3.75/1.308/.269 - 2nd half 3.87/1.338/.270

So, all told, the addition of Wang, Peacock, Milone, and Detwiler made up for the 2nd half regression in Zimmermann, Lannan, and Livo to even out the numbers, making the 1st and 2nd half starters more or less identical.

We will get more into splits in the coming few weeks. Stay tuned!

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