Saturday, February 25, 2012

Deadline Passed

The Ryan Zimmerman Contract Extension Self-Imposed Deadline has now passed - and there has been no announcement of a deal. However, since 10:00 there has only been one tweet from any of the Nats beat writers; that simply stated that the meeting was over and that the players were on the field. Read into that what you will...

Even if a deal is not announced, please remember that the last time Zimmerman signed a contract extension it was announced more than three weeks after the fact. What is important is if the Nats were able to open their eyes and see that he would take a hometown discount in return for a no-trade clause, which would only affect the team for the next three seasons, until his 10-and-5 rights kick in.

The moral of the story is, be patient.

As always, stay tuned to Capitol Baseball for all the latest on the Nats 2012 Spring Training!

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