Friday, August 19, 2011

Tyler Clippard Isn't Human

The other day Tyler Clippard came in to the game after Chien Ming Wang began to struggle, there was one out in the 7th and a running on 2nd base. This has become a pretty standard situation for Clippard to come into - runners on base, multiple outs to get. A pop-out against last years MVP and a strikeout of an All-Star later and Clippard was once again out of the inning, without letting the inherited runner score. Again. The crazy thing about this is, this has become common-place and its not appreciated as much as it should be.

Let's put Clippard's 2011 Season into some perspective with his position among all MLB relievers...

3rd in Total IP - 68.1
2nd in K - 80
14th in K/9 - 10.80 K/9
9th in ERA - 1.58
1st in WPA - 4.79
1st in Holds - 32

A few other numbers to make you happy...

.158 Batting Average Against.
Opponents are hitting only 5 for 86 with runners on base - only 3 for 56 with RISP.

(h/t to Baseball Reference for doing most of the legwork on this post)

Clippard is having one of the best non-Closer relief seasons in baseball history - its simply incredible. Make sure you open your eyes and take it all in the next time Peaches takes the hill.


  1. Quite possibly the best title for a post, EVER.

  2. It's so great to actually have folks in the bullpen who can be counted on to pitch well. Knowing that there's relief pitchers who won't blow a lead not only helps in those late innings, but gives the starting pitchers a little extra confidence that can help as we're facing teams like the Phillies.