Tuesday, August 9, 2011

September to Remember

(Blog post inspired by The Mighty Elements - Earth, Wind, and Fire)

In just a few weeks time we are going to be expanding the big league roster from 25 to 40 - and there are plenty of players who will be looking to make an impact on the brass upstairs. Some of these players will be your typical yo-yo, Justin Maxwell-style players who are victims of the options game, and the rest are going to be prospects trying to make a name for themselves for 2012.

The first thing we need to do is check out those players who are already on the 40-Man Roster - their chances and (minors only) stats from 2011 follow.

Adam Carr - AAA RHP - 17 G. 6.63 ERA. 1.789 WHIP. 13 K. 12 BB. - No
Yunesky Maya - MLB/AAA RHP - 17 G. 5.44 ERA. 1.40 WHIP. 68 K. 24 BB. - No
Garrett Mock - AAA RHP - 16 G. 7.04 ERA. 1.722 WHIP. 39 K. 24 BB. - No
Atahualpa Severino - AAA LHP - 25 G. 2.78 ERA. 1.809 WHIP. 28 K. 17 BB. - Maybe
Craig Stammen - AAA RHP - 20 G. 4.82 ERA. 1.411 WHIP. 105 K. 28 BB. - No
Chris Marrero - AAA 1B - .307 AVG. .836 OPS. 13 HR. 62 RBI. - Yes
Roger Bernadina - AAA OF - .230 AVG. .686 OPS. 2 HR. 5 RBI. - Yes
Corey Brown - AAA OF - .225 AVG. .721 OPS. 13 HR. 32 RBI. - No
Bryce Harper - A/AA OF - .302 AVG. .909 OPS. 16 HR. 54 RBI. - No

After this portion of the list a few things pop out.
- We have some waste on our 40-man.
- I don't think the Nats plan on seeing Maya anymore this year, barring injury.
- Same with Brown.

I think that the Nats will seriously consider removing up to 6 members off of their 40-man roster; Brown, Carr, Maya, Mock, Stammen, and (maybe) Severino. Which opens up several slots for those players that have lit up the minors this year.

Keep in mind that most of those new open spots are pitchers (5 to 1), and that there might be moves that happen before September 1st that see one or more of these guys come to DC.

Brad Peacock - AA/AAA RHP - 2.61 ERA. 0.960 WHIP. 152 K. 38 BB. - Yes
Tom Milone - AAA RHP - 3.62 ERA. 1.026 WHIP. 120 K. 10 BB. - Yes
Zech Zinicola - AA/AAA RHP - 2.25 ERA. 1.125 WHIP. 38 K. 10 BB. - Maybe
Erik Arnesen - AA/AAA RHP - 2.69 ERA. 1.142 WHIP. 98 K. 22 BB. - Maybe
Brad Meyers - AAA RHP - 3.47 ERA. 1.182 WHIP. 99 K. 12 BB. - No
Matt Antonelli - AA/AAA UTIL - .293 AVG. .811 OPS. 5 HR. 22 RBI. - Yes
Steven Lombardozzi - AA/AAA 2B - .313 AVG. .804 OPS. 7 HR. 43 RBI. - Yes
Derek Norris - AA C - .212 AVG. .809 OPS. 14 HR. 37 RBI. - Yes
Tug Hulett - AAA UTIL - .281 AVG. .777 OPS. 5 HR. 39 RBI. - No

That would be 5 "yes" and 2 "maybes" - obviously there are going to be more position players coming up than pitchers, because you have to be able to pitch pitchers often to keep them fresh.

For a team that is, at this point, at this point, 19 games out of 1st place there are few things to look forward to as the end of the year rolls around. To me, this is one of my favorite times of the year - a chance to finally see the young kids make the bigs for the first time.

Who else would you list here as a potential call-up? Who are you looking forward to seeing the most? Sound off in the comments section!


  1. Wasn't Zech Zinicola once considered the organizations's closer-in-waiting, pre-Storen?

  2. You're crazy if you think the team is removing all of these players from the 40-man (Brown, Carr, Maya, Mock, Stammen, and (maybe) Severino). Brown is less than a year removed from being acquired, and Maya is still owed millions. Stammen is a useful "spare part" pitcher and should be retained until he runs out of options. Severino and Mock seem easily removable ... except that the team has let them languish on the 40-man all year for some odd reason. Carr was bad but he was injured all season; he'd probably slip through waivers but should be retained.

    Maya looked great in his last start! Its always "what have you done for me lately" with these players. I'd call him up and give him looks absolutely. The team isn't going to swallow that much money.

    By my accounting, they're at 38/40 on the 40-man (aka, 2 open spots). Kimball, LaRoche and Slaten can be moved to 60-day dl to open up 3 more spots. They'll need one for Strasburg. They'll probably need one for Rendon (who probably commands a major league contract). That's three spots free that they can fill without making a move.

    I think their Sept1 promotions are being combined with their eventual rule5 decisions. All of these guys are rule5 eligible in November: Lombardozzi, Moore, Milone, Meyers, Peacock and Norris. I'd guess all 6 are locks to be protected, so why not call a few up now to provide cover? I'll guess they add Lombardozzi, Milone and Peacock while leaving the rest off.