Thursday, August 18, 2011

Quick Rain Delay Wrap Up

We're live from Nationals Park and blogging from the iPhone in the midst of a psudo-treacherous rain delay. 

The Nats lineup tonight is fairly standard, though Ian Desmond gets his 2nd straight day in the lead off spot. It hasn't been a successful experiment in the lead off spot for Desmond, who's sported a .167/.196/.278 slash line there this season. 

The player that continues to fly under the radar across baseball, because he plays in our Nation's Capital, is Michael Morse. He's currently hitting .322 and sporting a .934 OPS. If he's still competing for the batting title in a few weeks, the national baseball media will start paying attention. 

We'll sign off for now but will be back with stuff from tonight's game tomorrow. Enjoy the matchup between Bronson Arroyo and Jordan Zimmermann in one of JZimm's last starts of the 2011 season due to his organizationally-imposed pitch limit. 

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