Friday, March 30, 2012

Wait, Xavier Nady?

I looked away for 7 seconds and Xavier Nady became the opening day left fielder. Yes due to injuries and injury concerns, it looks as if Xavier Nady might not only make the team but start opening day. While he is a serviceable 5th outfielder (maybe), he certainly should not be starting for the Nationals opening day. Just because he is filling in for Michael Morse, doesn't necessarily mean the Nats should be using a "lite" version in Nady (I wouldn't even call it "lite", Nady has reached Crystal Pepsi levels)

In his last 500+ at bats, spanning 2 season, Nady has racked up -14 oRAR (offensive runs above replacement player). Compare that with Roger Bernadina's 6 oRAR in over 700+ ABs the last 2 seasons and you wonder why you would sacrifice those 20 runs and a considerable amount of athleticism for Nady. The same goes with Rick Ankiel, a superb defender with an oRAR of 4 last year and a WAR over 2. With so many options this spring, why, in the last week have the Nats pivoted so hard to Nady?

What is really scary about the ball rolling down the hill so fast on Nady, is that it signals, to me, that Morse and possibly LaRoche and Ankiel are still not healthy and could miss opening day. And as Nats fans know, missing the first week can turn into the first month and then the first half very quickly. This team was paltry on offense last season, and replacing Michael Morse with Xavier Nady is not the solution.


  1. I'm surprised they haven't signed Aaron Rowand, who is now available and ought to be at least worth a look. His OPS the past couple of years has been very Nady-like, but he's been a better defensive player during his career.

  2. Nady is a Boras client. What more do you need to know? If they start Nady, Ankiel and Werth, that would give them an all-Boras outfield.