Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Big Parra Style

On this week's edition of Nats Talk on the Go, Joe and I discussed (once again) the need for the Nationals to fill the gaping void in Center Field. Since recording the casted pod on Monday night, there have been some interesting developments in the Nationals search for a Center Fielder.

First, yesterday afternoon several major trade-breakers said that the 59-103 Astros had completely a trade to ship out backup catcher Humberto Quintero and Outfielder Jason Bourgeois - but no one knew their destination. Speculation among the "Natosphere" exploded, had the Nationals just traded Jesus Flores? Had Rizzo just acquired a mediocre, low-OBP Center Fielder? WHAT HAPPENED!!! Well, the excitement quickly settled down as it was soon reported that the deal was with the Royals, not the Curly W's.

Crisis averted; because, really, would you want a 30 year-old Center Fielder with only 401 career ABs and a .307 OBP?

The more interesting story also started yesterday, as Danny Knobler of CBS Sports tweeted that The Nationals had two scouts watching D'Backs Gold Glover Gerardo Parra, with another 4 scouts there today. Interesting...

Parra is an interesting player that would be a fantastic fit in the Nationals lineup. He would slot easily into the lead-off spot (.357 OBP in 2011), as well as Center Field. In 2011, Parra had what many would call a breakout year, notching career highs in Average, On-Base, and Slugging. In a crazy turn of events, Parra enters the year as the Diamondbacks 4th outfielder, their Roger Bernadina if you will, after the D'Backs signed Jason Kubel to a 3-year, $22.5 Million Dollar deal this offseason.

That being said, Parra will not come cheap. He is still young (24) and under club control for the next 4 years (meaning he costs the team very little money) - they have absolutely no reason to trade him. It would take a solid package for the Nats to acquire his services - I think it would take Lannan, a top 20 prospect (read, Eury Perez or Michael Taylor), and maybe Flores as well.

Would you make that trade?? Yell at me in the comments. BONUS POINTS FOR ALL CAPS!!!


  1. A MILLION TIMES OVER I MAKE THAT TRADE! Not sure why the D-backs would want Joe Saunders part II with John Lannan. They have plenty of high end pitching talent almost ready to go in the minors and rotation that is full already. I would have no problem including Perez or Taylor to get Parra, who would as you mentioned is still only 24 and has proved to be a valuable player in the Majors already. To get this deal done my guess would be the D-backs want Lombardozzi or Desmond, Flores and Top 15 player in the Nats system.