Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Give Thanks

This weekend millions of Americans will be gathered together with family, loved ones, and good friends to give thanks for the blessings that have been bestowed upon them. But really, it's about the food. Here at Capitol Baseball we want to continue a tradition we started last year and share with you what we are thankful for. We would love it if you shared your thoughts in the comments!

- Wilson Ramos playing ball down in VZ.

- The hope of another Spring Training.

- MLB Network.

- Former Nats Greats.

- Michael Morse having a breakout season and finishing 19th in the MVP voting.

- Chien-Ming Wang returning to baseball healthy after two years on the DL.

- The Yankees and Phillies both not winning the World Series.

- An ace to our staff.

- That our uniforms don't look like the Miami Marlins unis.

- Twitter changing the way we gather news (Follow us @CraigMac and @TheMacHenry).

- The new tobacco policy for MLB.

- That Bryce Harper is only 19 years-old.

- That we were able to build through spending money in the draft, before these new and draconian restrictions.

- That more people than just Joe and I listened to our new podcast - Now available on iTunes!

- That we have the opportunity to share our thoughts and have people join us in legit baseball dialogue.

What are you thankful for? Share in the comments!


  1. double switches, the first time you walk into a stadium in the spring and come out of the tunnel and see the field, keeping score at every game and becoming the go to answer man for the entire section, minor league baseball, cleat chasers, the windy Florida spring, listening to baseball on the radio, baseball reference, jwerthsbeard lomomarlins and adamkilgorewp on the twitter, extra innings, and eating sleeping thinking baseball...even through the cold winter

  2. I'm thankful for:

    * Natstown having a team that was fun and interesting this year, and darn outright hopeful for next.

    * Players that actually seem to like being here.

    * Blogs like this one to keep it even more interesting year round.

    * Seasons that aren't strike-shortened.

    * An elegant sport, which requires both skill and strategy, abundant in generations-old traditions.

    * Nice camera work, and a decent screen to watch it on.

    * Minor league stadiums with good beer.