Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Few Good Men: 17 - Mattheus

Well - we are now in week 4 of this series. You know the drill by now. Stats and grades and everything under the sun. Have some fun in the comments sections.

Ryan Mattheus - Age 27 - Under club control for at least 2 more years.

How he became a Nat: Came over from the Colorado Rockies in 2009 in a trade for Joe Biemel.
The Raw Numbers:
Games - 35
IP - 32.0
ERA - 2.81
WHIP - 1.28
BABIP - .236
K/9 - 3.38

Key Stat: 7. In only 7 of his 35 appearances did he give up any Earned Runs - two of those games came in mop-up duty with the Nats already down 3 or more runs. An extremely solid number for a non-LOOGY reliever.

Best Game: This game really wasn't affected positively by Mattheus' appearance, but I would have to say that July 2nd vs. Pittsburgh was his best game. The righty threw just 0.2 innings but struck out both batters he faced, both swinging.

Worst Game: Another game that the Nats clawed back from behind multiple times only to blow the lead in the next inning. July 17th was a 9-8 Nats loss against the Atlanta Braves, in which Ryan Mattheus registered his first career loss. The first batter seemed to be the difference in the 9th. Mattheus walked the lead-off batter who eventually came around to score the game winning run.

CapBall Grade: B. Despite the shoulder injury, Mattheus was able to have a solid first year in the majors. His WAR, in my opinion, is not indicative of how solid a member of the Nats bullpen he was. It should be noted that he had a stretch from July 2nd to August 4th where he made 15 straight appearances without allowing a run - for a rookie reliever that is a great beginning. Fatigued at the end of the year, 2 of his 10 ER came in his final two appearances - post DL.

2012 Nats Status: I think that Mattheus has a decent, but not great, shot to make the Nats 2012 bullpen. I figure that there are at least 5 spots already locked up for next year (Storen, Clippard, Hrod, Stammen, Insert Long Man Here) - leaving Mattheus fighting against Kimball and possibly Coffey (among others) to make the team.


  1. I think Burnett is more of a lock than Stammen. I would LIKE both of them to make the roster, but I'm not sure if the organization feels the same way.

    Realistically, I see Mattheus as one of the first guys to get called up from Syracuse.

  2. Stammen is such an organizational guy that I think he gets a chance.