Monday, January 17, 2011

UPDATE: Nats Close to Signing Utility Infielder Alex Cora

Several sources are reporting that Former Rangers, Mets, Red Sox, Indians, and Dodgers infielder Alex Cora is close to a deal with the Washington Nationals. No details as of yet, but Peter Gammons is reporting that Cora is excited about coming to the Nats.

Should this deal go through, what's the immediate effect that it will have on the Nats? Well, virtually nothing offensively. Cora's career batting average is .244, and his career OBP is .311. He's never hit over .270 in a season. But Cora does provide experience, and a solid defensive glove that will be nice to have to give SS Ian Desmond and 2B Danny Espinosa some off days without losing much defensively.

The Cora signing is similar to the Adam Kennedy move in 2010. A veteran player with experience on a lot of teams. He has a history of being a great clubhouse presence, and he brings good defense combined with a lethargic bat. Here's hoping this signing, should it go through, is more successful than the Kennedy signing.

We'll update this post with more as it comes out...

UPDATE: According to Adam Kilgore, Cora was signed to a minor league deal worth $900,000, with the possibility of $600,000 in bonus incentives.

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