Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The start of something good.

Well hey there, and thanks for taking a look at my first blog post. I'll spend most of this post trying to explain what you can expect when you come here. The way I figure it, I don't think I should waste your time if I'm never going to talk about anything that you care about. I plan to keep the blog mostly sports related: Washington Nationals for baseball, Philadelphia Flyers for hockey, and Washington Redskins when they do something stupid, which is a lot. I will definitely talk about other teams and sports topics of the day. If you like what I'm talking about, feel free to follow me. I'd appreciate it.

I'm going to leave the comment section wide open, for your constructive criticism and input. I'm a junior blogger, so appreciate comments, and I'm sure comments will fuel new blog posts.

And to conclude, I have to do what I'll try to make a tradition... the "what I'm watching tonight" section.

What I'm Watching Tonight: Californication (just started, and it's great), the Nats and the Rockies, and the Caps and the Habs.

My next post will be more substantive, thanks for reading.


  1. So first Skins game of the season is against the Cowgirls. When do we buy tickets?

  2. Thanks for the comments, gents. Craig, I look forward to hearing your ideas; Lars, I'm not sure, but I'll certainly be blogging about it when the time comes!