Tuesday, April 27, 2010

MASN Fail + You heard it here first...

Well first, we'll start with the funny. While watching the Nats and the Cubs tonight, MASN had one of their inspirational commercials about the next series with the Marlins, and how the Josh Johnson/Pudge matchup will be epic. Well here was the ad, as shown. "Ivan Rodriquez" Someone should let them know that he spells his name "Rodriguez." Picture below taken with the phone and is courtesy of MASN. At least it's not as bad as the "Natinals" jerseys from last year. That was a Majestic jersey fail, though. Not a MASN fail.

In other news, on Pardon the Interruption today on ESPN, they discussed if the MLB should take action to help the Pirates out of this disastrous hole. Wilbon: No; Kornheiser: Yes. Well if you look back to the blog titled A Pitcher's Dual for One and An Epic Shutout for Another (rant included), on April 23rd, I make the same analysis after the 20-0 shellacking by none other than the Milwaukee Brewers, who have been destroying them all week. Kornheiser made some similar arguments to mine, and went a little further.

Now, I'm not saying that I am 100% convinced that MLB needs to take over the franchise, but it should be considered. It's not out of the question to put a guy into the GM spot to try to get this team out of the dredges and get them a winning season before they have 20 losing seasons in a row, because they're not far off from that milestone (17 at the end of last year). If you didn't read my analysis before, click the link above. It's the last few paragraphs.

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