Thursday, June 23, 2011

NatsTown Time Machine

The Nats are back at .500 for the first time since May 2nd when they were 14-14.


It is great to be back at .500 but it is really nice to see the players still striving for more. Adam Kilgore was able to ask Ryan Zimmerman about the significance of being back at .500 and his reply is exactly what we need to hear in this town; "nothing". Same kind of stuff coming from Lannan as well, ""I know no one is satisfied. No one here is satisfied with being a .500 ball club."

A big lover of Nats history, I wanted to just quickly post the starting lineup from the last time the Nats were at .500 this late in the season - October 2nd, 2005.

Brad Wilkerson - 8
Jamie Carroll - 4
Jose Guillen - 9
Nick Johnson - 3
Ryan Zimmerman - 5
Ryan Church - 7
Deivi Cruz - 6
Gary Bennett - 2
Hector Carrasco - 1

Your bench players that got into the game?
Marlon Byrd - Brandon Watson - Cristian Guzman

Travis Hughes - Jon Rauch - Gary Majewski - Darrell Rasner - Chad Cordero - Joey Eischen

So, CapBallers? Which team would you rather have? The 81-81 Nats of 2005 or the 37-37 Nats of 2011?


  1. This one! That was a rental team - this one is the future.