Monday, June 20, 2011

More Morse

Seriously, how good has Michael Morse been? You are going to hear a lot of talk about him in the MSM in the next few weeks leading up to the All-Star Game, deservedly so. You see, Morse just garnered enough Plate Appearances to qualify for all of the MLB Leaderboards, and boy did he show up. Lets check out his season in comparison with other NL Players.

.309 Batting Average - 8th in NL
.564 Slugging % - 4th in NL
.921 OPS - 6th in NL
15.7 AB/HR - 6th in NL
.255 ISO - 5th in NL
.391 wOBA - 9th in NL
43 RBI - 15th in NL

After starting the season mired in a dreadful slump, hitting just .211 in April, he more than made up for it by hitting .403 in May and .328 in June. It seemed to all come alive when Morse moved to the infield as well, hitting .355 as a first-baseman. It would be great to see Morse be rewarded with an All-Star birth, but I expect we will be seeing him watching the game from home.

Either way, we are witnessing a player having a career year, enjoy it.


  1. But now that the All-Star Game "matters," Morse could be a good guy to have in the late innings. Remember when Cristian Guzman was playing 3B in the 12th inning in 2008? Morse could be at 1B, SS, OF, whatever Bruce Bochy might need in order to secure that home-field advantage!

  2. Great point, Nick. I still think that Espinosa will be our guy repping the team. Even with the injury to Pujols there are just too many quality 1B in the NL (Votto, Fielder, Howard, etc.). I will be writing something to promote our stud 2B in the next week. Stay tuned.

    Thanks for reading!