Sunday, October 3, 2010

Nats Limp Into the Offseason With a Win

The Nats 2010 season came to an end on Sunday in bizarre fashion that sort of exemplified the entire 6th season for the Washington, DC franchise.

Livan Hernandez pitched another no-decision gem, while Oliver Perez walked in the go-ahead run after loading the bases. Miguel Batista got the save. The Nats limped into the off-season with a 2-1 win, ending 69-93.

In 5 months, Spring Training 2011 will begin, and who knows what the Nationals franchise will look like then. Will the front office actually re-sign Adam Dunn? Will they be able to land a front line starting pitcher? Will they stay healthy through the spring? Will they still be relevant by the time Strasburg is available? All questions we can't answer right now, but well be covering it all off-season.

I want to sincerely thank all of you who have been so involved in my first season writing Capitol Baseball. I want to thank Dave Nichols and Mark Zuckerman who were the first to add me to their blog rolls. I want to thank my commenters, especially my regulars Mac, Nick, and bdrube. Next season we'll grow, we'll be at spring training, we'll have guest writers, and it'll be awesome. Until then, thank all of you, and be sure to remember us through the off-season for analysis.


  1. Who is going to play the outfield for the nats next year??

    Do we have a chance at Crawford or Werth?

    Also, who is going to be at 1st if we don't resign Dunn? Morse?? Hammer??? Flores????

    I personally would like to see Paul Konerko there.

    Do we get a front line starter?

    I would like to take a flier (flyer?) on Brandon Webb.

    I can't wait for our Viera trip!

  2. Good job, Joe. Yours has become among my favorite Nats blogs. It takes a lot of stamina to keep on writing about a team that can be very frustrating to watch at times. :)

  3. Mac, all questions that will be addressed through the offseason. And thanks for the nice words bdrube. I look forward to your comments for years to come.

  4. Great job, sir, hope to see more posts during the offseason. You've kept at this all season long with dogged determination, and you take care of the details. Like, for instance, the tagging of "single tear" alongside "Nationals" and "2010." Well done.