Friday, October 15, 2010

The Nationals All-Time Disappointments Roster

In contrast with the previous All-Time Bests post, here is the All-Time Disappointments. Again, this is not worst, but simply the players we expected more from that ended up amounting to nothing, or close to it.

Starting Rotation:

John Patterson - Patterson had an above average year in 2005, throwing almost 200 innings with a 9-7 record and 3.13 ERA. After that, He only appeared in 15 more games with the Nats over 2 seasons, and accumulated only 2 wins.

Aaron Crow - The Nats drafted him as the future... and couldn't sign him. Ugly.

Jason Marquis (2010) - We've already been over the Marquis disappointment, but it was worth restating how disappointing he really was in 2010.

Tony Armas, Jr. - Armas had some OK years in Montreal, but mostly never stayed healthy and his ERA hovered solidly above 4.00 his entire career, and had a 5.00 flat ERA with the Nationals. He was supposed to be something special, but it never worked out.

Shawn Hill - We've been over this, too. I hope Shawn has great success in the future, but with the Nats, he was hurt most of the time, and when he wasn't hurt he never looked right. Another "Pitcher of the Future" that didn't pan out.


Jesus Flores - Maybe Flores' health will turn around, but until then, he showed signs of brilliance but hasn't had a fully season with the Nats since 2008. And even that wasn't the entire year


1B Nick Johnson - Johnson was very good when healthy, but he was just never healthy. He missed all of 2007 and most of 2008. He could have had a great career in Washington, but it never panned out.

2B Jose Vidro - Yes, I used Vidro for best, too... because who else? Seriously.

SS Felipe Lopez - His nickname is "FLop" for a reason. He was exactly that. A guy who never played with energy in DC only to start caring once he left for St. Louis, where he had some success. This guy will get booed in Washington forever.

3B Vinny Castilla - Castilla was pretty much washed up when he came to the Nats, but he was just a place holder for Zimmerman anyway. Really, at 3rd base, you don't have many choices in terms of disappointments since Zimm has been so dominant there for 5 years, so Castilla it is.


Elijah Dukes, Lastings Milledge, Austin Kearns - I thought it would do a disservice in the outfield category to include anyone but these three. I understand that there are 2 right fielders here, but does anyone seriously disagree with this? These three were "The Nationals Future" at one point. Thanks Jim Bowden.

So there's the list. I hope this list hasn't crushed you too much, but it was fun to remember just how bad this team once was. I could have expanded this, and I might still do a reserves list for disappointments... there were lots of options.

I'd love your thoughts in the comments section, so agree/disagree to your heart's content!


  1. I have a hard time labelling injury guys as disappointments. Disappointing to me is when a player has ability and can't get the most out of it.

    I'm not even talking about draft picks that were overhyped by the former GM (see: Casto, Kory), but more along the lines of Elijah Dukes, a player with serious talent but couldn't get the most out of it.

    Some of my biggest disappointments: Dukes, Dmitri Young (get in shape), Jason Bergmann (headcase), Felipe Lopez (slacker), Ross Detwiler (time to prove me wrong).

  2. And don't forget Joel Hanrahan ... albeit he may actually get his act together in Pittsburgh? But the Nats have now collected an arsenal of power armed prospects ready to join the bullpen so he may be an after thought? Still ...

    If you think it about they are pretty close to being in the same situation they were in 2007 during the great starting pitching "cattle call". They need some prospects (its time Zimmermann and Detwiler!) to step up and they need a power arm at the top of the rotation ... hopefully someone like Matt Cain or Zack Grienke. They have plenty and then some innings eaters in Marquis, Lannan, and Livo.

  3. Brad Wilkerson - has a 32 homer season the last year in Montreal, is hyped as the Nats first "star," hits for the cycle his first week as a Nat, and then...

    Considering he was only 27 that first year in DC he has to be considered a disappointment.

  4. Dave, I completely understand where you're coming from. But by disappointing, I did not necessarily mean bad, just like I didn't with my most disappointing of 2010 last week. I just mean guys that we expected to be the teams future and didn't pan out. Whether that be becuase of injury (Nick Johnson, Jose Vidro, Shawn Hill, etc) or just lack of talent/mental makeup (Dukes, FLop, etc.)

    Detwiler was unbelievably close to making this list, he was actually on it at one point, but I decided to make it just a 5 man rotation.

    And bdrube, good thought on Wilkerson.