Friday, February 24, 2012

Poll: Zimmerman Extension

Tomorrow morning is the Ryan Zimmerman Self-Imposed Contract Extension Negotiation drop dead time. Rumors of a pending deal have been swirling around the twitter-verse over the past day or so, saying that there is progress but still a few hang-ups - one of which is a No Trade Clause.

We are going to take a quick poll here.

Does Ryan Zimmerman get extended by the deadline"
- Yes? If so, what's the length/amount of the deal
- No?

My prediction: Zimmerman signs a 7-year/$127 Million extension before the deadline.



  1. Yes:

    Total of 9 years (with the 2 remaining)

    Ave. salary for the9 years is somewhere near 180 million. (so glad its not my money because he is not worth that).

  2. I'm guessing they will sign him to a 6 year extension worth $110 million. It would put the AAV at higher than Werth's but still be under $20m a season