Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Winter Meetings Thus Far

Things have been absolutely insane thus far but, sadly, none of these things has to do with any players that the Nats have signed.

Let's do a quick recaps of all the events with interspersed commentary:

- The Marlins (!) have signed several of the biggest Free Agent targets (Bell and Reyes) and as of this writing are one of four players left in the Albert Pujols Sweepstakes (Cards, Cubs, Angels). If I were a Marlins fan part of me would be thrilled to be in the hunt on all of these players, but the other part would be pissed off that it took so long for Loria to actually spend coin. Seems like extortion to me; publicly funded stadium and all of a sudden he has the coin to spend on players? Really? Seems a bit sketch to me.

- The Nats have, according to different sources, offered CJ Wilson 6-years as well as placed him 3rd on their to-do list - behind Buehrle and Oswalt.

- Mark Buehrle has at least 14 suitors and it seems as though the team that offers him a 4th year will be the victor. If we sign anyone, I want him. Otherwise, I would be thrilled in a rotation of Strasburg, Zimmermann, Wang, Lannan, and Peacock.

- Roy Oswalt seems to be waiting in the weeds for Wilson and Buehrle to sign, in which case he would be the most attractive option. He seeks a 3-year deal. Risky after such an injury plagued season.

- Nats aren't actually targeting Prince Fielder or Albert Pujols.

- According to Jon Paul Morosi of Fox, the Nats have had more conversations with the Rays about BJ Upton. I would much rather drop $30-40 Million on Yoenis Cespedes than take on Upton's attitude.

- It's been a great few weeks for Former Nats Greats as 11 (count 'em, 11) FNG's have signed contracts (s/t @NationalsPR): Laynce Nix (PHI), Garrett Mock (TOR), Adam Kennedy (LAD), Josh Bard (LAD), Brian Bruney (CWS), Brian Sanches (PHI), Jon Rauch (NYM), Shairon Martis (PIT), Brian Schneider (PHI), Jamey Carroll (MIN), Jerry Hairston (LAD), and Mike O'Connor (NYY). These are both minor league and major league deals - mostly ridiculous.

- According to Jerry Crasnick of ESPN, Roger Bernadina is available via trade. I would expect the return to be very thin.

- Crack Beat Writer, Bill Ladson, reports that the Nats are considering bringing back Willie Harris to be a left-handed outfield bench bat.

- According to Kilgore, the Nats see re-signing Ankiel as an "outside possibility". I think he would be a much better 4th outfielder than "the Shark".

- With the Marrero injury, the Nationals are also looking for a right-handed platoon partner for Adam LaRoche. Signs point to Mark DeRosa, which I called over a month ago.

- In a not-so-reported piece by Leatherpants Jim Bowden, he reports that Zimmerman's agent has been rebuffed in his attempts to secure an extension from the Nats. In all honesty, I find it surprising that his agency (CAA) is pushing Zim to sign an extension after a season where Zim spent 58 games on the DL with a torn oblique.

Which of these stories do you find most interesting?? I think it's the Marlins and the Zim extension. The comment's section awaits!

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  1. Jerry Hairston, Jr. to the Dodgers, by the way. It sure feels like we should be doing something - when doing nothing is probably the right thing. CAA would be crazy to push the Zim extension - he needs a full, healthy season and then will be more valuable. I think the nats are waiting for the big chips to fall and then will be waiting for the next tier. Where are the Marlins growing their money tree? Can they possibly sustain those long- term contracts?