Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Few Good Men

Starting on Monday we will be undertaking our biggest, and possibly stupidest, series ever. This project won't redefine the way NatsTown covers baseball, but we can assure you that this project will appeal to everyone in some way, at some point, during some part of this piece.

Vague enough for you?

This is going to be a 44-part series - one part for every player that sported the Curly W this year.

That's right - we are going to spend an entire post on Brian Broderick (he of 11 games in April and May) as well as Corey Brown (3 PA and 0 Innings in the Field in September).

Yes, some might have more information than others. But we are here to find the beauty in both the Michael Morse's and the Chad Gaudin's of the world.

So, saddle up CapBallers. It's about to get just a little bit crazy here.

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