Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Bright Side of .500

The Nats just completed a series win against the defending World Champions. Now 28 games in, the Nats' record is sitting solidly at 14-14, despite some serious hitting issues (which we will touch on in just a few hours). And so far, our roster has been in flux - seeing 30 different players suit up for game action. Now, we are going to look at each player on the Active Roster - and say something nice about each player. Seriously.

Alphabetical Order via Position! And GO.

1. Brian Broderick - Since giving up 6 ER in his first 2 appearances, he has only given up 1 ER in his next 5 appearances.

2. Sean Burnett - Despite his struggles of late, he has a career low BB/9 ratio, 0.79; which is more than 2 BB better than his previous career low.

3. Tyler Clippard - Has an absolutely insane 19% IRS% (inherited runner scoring percentage), allowing only 4 of 21 inherited runners to score. Clippard also leads all MLB Relievers in WPA with a 1.79.

4. Todd Coffey - Hasn't given up a run in his last 4 appearances, striking out 3 in that time frame.

5. Tom Gorzelanny - See last nights start.

6. Livan Hernandez - Continuing to confusing sabermatricians everywhere, Livo has his lowest ERA since 2003 with a 3.23. As well has his lowest HR/Fly-Ball Ratio Percentage ever with a 3.4.%

7. John Lannan - Sinkerballers thrive on getting ground-balls, Lannan is getting them more than ever with a 55% GB%, helping him to a sub-4 ERA.

8. Jason Marquis - Finally showing why the Nats signed him last year, Marquis has been the Nats best starter. His 1.1 WAR proves that, as it's the highest on the team.

9. Henry Rodriguez - After his DL-stint to start the season, Rodriguez showed that he actually can throw strikes, striking out 18 while walking only 6 in 2011 (minors and majors).

10. Doug Slaten - Though he has struggled with inherited runners, Slaten hasn't given up an earned run this year.

11. Drew Storen - Drew Storen is a beast, leading the Nats with 5 saves. He hasn't given up an ER since his first appearance of the season, 13 appearances ago.

12. Jordan Zimmermann - Zimmermann's new approach to contact-pitching has lowered his K/9 but has also insanely decreased his HR/9 - all the way to 0.25 HR/9.

13. Wilson Ramos - Ramos leads all Nats hitters in AVG, wOBA, and WAR, in addition to handling a starting rotation with better stats than anyone predicted. Future/current star.

14. Pudge Rodriguez - After starting the season in a 3 for 22 slump, Pudge now sits 2nd on the team with 10 RBI while showing a penchant for hitting his grounders between the 1st and 2nd basemen.

15. Brian Bixler - Scores 100% of the time he gets on base; (0 H, 1 BB, 1 R).

16. Alex Cora - Surprisingly, Cora has really positive UZR at both SS (0.9) and 3B (0.4).

17. Ian Desmond - Since becoming a father, Desmond is 6 for 11 with 2 2B, a 3B, and a HR. He is also 10 for 11 on stolen bases.

18. Danny Espinosa - Espinosa has hit with pop from both sides of the plate (homering from each side), while providing well above-average 2B defense.

19. Jerry Hairston - Hairston leads the team with 4 positions played. (What, you expected them all to be good stats?)

20. Adam LaRoche - Though he hasn't started hitting, his 1.4 UZR is far and away the highest on the team. LaRoche has saved many an errant throw.

21. Rick Ankiel - Over his hitting career, Ankiel struck out and hit the ball far, thats it. So far this season, Ankiel is showing more versatility and his K% is at a career best (17.0%).

22. Michael Morse - Morse is struggling, this is not news. On the bright side, his BABIP is at a career low, meaning that it should progress towards his career average as the season continues.

23. Laynce Nix - Nix's power has been impressive, in addition to his 3 HR, he hit one of the hardest balls ever at Nats Park (foul off of the 3rd deck facing). Nix leads the team in ISO (Isolated Power - we will get there).

24. Matt Stairs - The veteran has 5 walks in 18 PA.

25. Jayson Werth - Perhaps Werth is weighed down by the $126 Million Dollar contract, his season hasn't gone as planned thus far. Despite all of that, his BABIP is at a career low (bound to go up), he leads the team with 4 HR, and his K% is a career low as well. Werth is primed for a huge May. Get ready, CapBallers.

What do you think? Find some more positives out there to share in the comments!


  1. It's one of the great things about baseball. As much as you analyze it statistically, there are still things you can't explain, like how the Nats have a .500 record right now. Maybe they'll crash to earth, but you never know. That's why I love it!

  2. Absolutely, Nick. It is inexplicable that this lineup has won as many games as they have this season. Thank the starters more than anything. It's certainly not clutch hitting.