Monday, November 22, 2010

Time to Give Thanks

Hello NatsTown!

I am privileged and honored to be joining the crack writing staff here at Capitol Baseball! I've really enjoyed watching this Blog grow from an idea into reality and I couldn't be more excited to join the discussion!

That being said, I have spent the past week trying to think of the perfect blog entry to introduce myself (tone included) while continuing to focus on the Nats. What better way than me sharing what, in NatsTown and beyond, I am thankful for.

Without further ado - I am thankful for the following...

- That Ryan Zimmerman will be a Nat through at least 2013. Stephen Strasburg a Nat through 2016.

- That five Nats' prospects lead the Scottsdale Scorpions to the AFL Championship yesterday. (Lombardozzi and Harper RBIs, Norris run, Solis win, Kimball save) The future looks bright indeed.

- The 1-2-3 Double Play.

- Charlie and Dave. Bang Zooms, Curly W's, and Wil Nieves' batting music.

- That we have a new Third Base Coach, Bo Porter, whose main focus will be helping with baserunning. (See: Where was he going??? What was he thinking???)

- That baseball writers aren't afraid of Sabermetrics anymore. (See: Hernandez, Felix) Get ready to read more about FIP, WAR/VORP, UZR/150, among others. It's coming. Be ready.

- That the Redskins are so bad that people have no choice but to root for the Nats.

- Pitcher fielding practice.

- Pudge tagging out a runner trying to steal 2B.

- Barry Svrluga and the Viera Panera.

- That, as of yesterday, five major league teams are interested in the Weapon of Minimal Production.

- That the middle-infield is solid for the next 5 years. Though I would rather see Espinosa at SS and Desi at 2B...

- Uniting with NatsTown in hatred for Clint.

- Bringing a scorebook to the park.

- The hope of Spring Training.

- That we don't have Peter Angelos for an owner.

- That there is labor peace in MLB. (See: NBA, NFL, NHL)

- For former Nats Greats: Micah Bowie, Gary Bennett, Alex Cintron, Ryan Drese, etc.

- That even if we only add 1 free agent pitcher, we will be much more solid than this past year. (Mock, 1st Half Marquis, Atilano, Walker, English, Bruney, 1st Half Lannan)

- Playing Guess-What-Channel-The-Nats-Are-On-Tonight?

- New uniforms - While not as good as they could've been they are still better than where we came from.

- That the Lerner's aren't afraid to spend money for free agents.

- The difference between "playing catch" and "having a catch"

- And last, but most important, family. I am thankful that I have a supportive and caring family. A father who coached my teams. Who was always willing to go out and have a catch, whether it be 8 in the morning or 9 at night. Who took us to Mariners games, even if we did have to leave the extra innings game so we could catch the last Ferry Boat home. Who taught me and my brother how to score games.

My dad never got to see the Nats play, he passed away less than two months before the National's first spring training in Marlin's-Teal-clad Viera. And although he never got to see a Curly W put into the books, I am thankful that because of his (and my mothers) teachings, I can appreciate every nuance in the game. From the freshly mown grass, the perfectly dragged infield, the chalk lines, or the beauty of a traditional double-header.

Hall of Fame pitcher Bob Lemon said, "baseball was made for kids, and grown-ups only screw it up." This week, and into next season, take what you're thankful for in terms of Nationals Baseball and keep that youthful enthusiasm with you.

Post what you are thankful for in the Comments section!


  1. I am thankful for sons that LOVE baseball as much as I do and for my wonderful memories of 4th of July, Mother's Days, Opening Days, etc. spent at the ballpark with them!

  2. I'm thankful that a blind pig found an acorn one time when Jim "Leatherpants" Bowden somehow convinced the Yankees to part with Tyler Clippard in exchance for Jonathan Alabadejo, which would have to be considered the one truly successful move of his whole sorry track record here. :)

  3. I'm thankful for having Mac as a writer for this crazy blog, plus regular comment writers like bdrube! Also, good to have you commenting mother of Mac! :)