Saturday, May 1, 2010

My First Stephen Strasburg Mention and a weekend off

You may wonder why I haven't talked about Stephen until now when I've been posting for almost two weeks. Well, I'm a realist. And Strasburg is a minor league, AA pitcher as of today. Although, his last AA start may be Sunday before the quick move up the northeast to Syracuse. I don't write about any other minor leaguers in this blog, so I haven't written about him. It's that simple. If you want to hear about minor leaguers, check out the Nationals Farm Authority for great info.

However, now that I went over the rotation on Friday it's about time for him to come up, because one of those 5 guys are going to be replaced in a little over a month. It doesn't take a betting man to realize that the odds-on guy is Atilano. Luis has been great in 2 starts, but that's 2 CAREER major league starts. Really the only other financially logical replacement would be Stammen, as these are the only two starters who make below the $500,000 mark on the rotation. But who knows. A month is a long time, and injuries will inevitably happen. Maybe I'm wrong, Lannan is actually hurt and goes down in the next month or so. Then, problem solved and the 21 year old Strasburg goes from college student to ace in a little over a year. Weirder things have happened.

One this is certain, somewhere around the first week of June, Nationals Park is going to see a major spike in ESPN and MLB Network coverage.

Quick note about the blog: the future Mrs. Capitol Baseball and I have tickets to a show on Saturday night, I have a Sunday morning football game to play in, and my parents will be stopping by on Sunday afternoon, so the posting may be light this weekend. Expect me to resume in full force on Monday, however, for the Nats... next off day. Damn. Well, I'll try to provide some new insight on something neat in baseball on Monday. Maybe even analysis of the weekend's games. Until then, happy beautiful weekend wherever you're reading from!

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