Monday, July 25, 2011

Trade Watch 2011: Ivan Rodriguez

In today's trade conversation, we discuss the possibility that Pudge will get dealt before the July 31st deadline.

Pudge has been in and out of trade talks over the last few months, mostly because of his age, expiring contract, and the fact that Jesus Flores is healthy again. But don't discount the fact that the man can still play one fantastic game of baseball. His defense is as good as ever, and his arm is still capable of throwing out an outstanding number of would-be base stealers. While his offense isn't quite what it was, this future Hall of Famer has adapted his approach to a lot of opposite field hits, and he's been outstanding in the clutch.

Unfortunately, though, over the 2 seasons with the Nats, Pudge has struggled with a few nagging injuries, which never bodes well for a catcher. At 39 years old, it's hard to imagine Pudge ever being a starting catcher again, but he can do what he's done for Wilson Ramos: be a solid backup and superior mentor. Pudge is always in the conversation when analysts discuss which current players will become big-league managers in the future, and we don't disagree at all on that.

The market for catchers doesn't seem to be as large considering the Giants, without Buster Posey, aren't interested, but there has to be a team out there that's willing to trade a prospect or two for a future Hall of Fame catcher and 14-time All Star. Stay tuned. There's only 6 more days left to find out.


  1. The injury may lessen his value - but he is in great shape, too. Watching the pitchers with Flores instead of Pudge may raise his value because the difference is pretty obvious. I know he wants to get to 3000 hits, but , depending on how fast his son rises through the ranks, I think he will not want to play against his son and will retire if that looks like it might happen.

  2. Tough call. His hitting is long gone, and at a certain point, a manager has an obligation to put his best players in the lineup. On the other hand, his defense is still there, and he's great with the young pitchers. And on a business note, the march to 3,000 (torturous though it may be) could sell some tickets.