Thursday, November 18, 2010

We're Expanding!

Good day Capitol Baseball faithful. We have a major announcement to make today, and I'm extremely excited to do so.

Today, I am adding great friend, and now colleague, Craig MacHenry as your Capitol Baseball Staff Writer Extraordinaire. Craig will be posting at a good clip in the coming months and into the 2011 baseball season. This will provide everyone with more opinions, more posts, and more news on a more regular basis as I transition into a new real-world job over the coming weeks and months.

This expansion wouldn't have worked if it wasn't for all of you regularly reading this blog day in and day out throughout the season and the offseason. So I hope you all continue to read us with even more fervor as we give you even more to read.


As the season approaches, we plan on starting a regular, short podcast for free on the blog as well as the possible addition of future writers. We look forward to sharing all of these experiences with you. Thanks again for being a loyal reader.


  1. Thanks Dave. As always, I appreciate the support and comments!