Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Game 26 vs. Atlanta and Strassy

Welcome back to this very long session of consecutive games. Tonight the Nats will take on the Braves in DC for their first meeting of the season. The Jedi Master (Happy Star Wars Day) Livan Hernandez will take on Sith Lord Kenshin Kawakami. Here are the matchups:
  • Hernandez: 3-1; 0.87 ERA; 10 K. Livan hasn't gone less than 7 innings in any of his 4 starts this year. He also has one complete game shut out this year, which was the only time that he threw more than 100 pitches. The pinnacle of effective.
  • Kawakami: 0-4; 5.48 ERA; 10 K. He hasn't gone longer than 6 innings all year even though he averages 88 pitches a game (with as many as 103). Kawakami is much less effective this year than he was last year, but last year's record was still a dismal 7-12.
After a day off yesterday, the Nats starters should all be in today and, against this year's Kawakami, shouldn't have any trouble with the bats, which the team needs. The Nats offense has gotten cold, lately, with only 4 regular players with averages above .270 (Rodriguez, Guzman, Zimmerman, and Morgan. And Rodriguez and Zimm were both out with injuries, Zimm for a lot of days).

The Braves are coming of 9 losses in the last 12 games, although they just came off of a sweep of the disappointing 8-17 Houston Astros in Atlanta. But in their last road trip, the Braves were 0-7, and looked simply dreadful. They're hoping that they can break that streak of away losses and get a win in DC. However, if Livan looks anything like he has so far this year, they may easily be looking at 8 straight away losses. The Nats are going to have to get their bats of their shoulders, though.

Today's Lineup
  1. T. Plush, 8
  2. Guzzie, 4
  3. Zimm, 5
  4. Freddie Physical, 3
  5. Hammer, 7
  6. Pudge, 2
  7. Roger Bernadina (Bernie from here on out), 9
  8. Ian Desmond (Hee-Sop according to Nyjer), 6
  9. Livo, 1
In Jesus-related news, Stephen Strasburg has been promoted to AAA Syracuse, putting him on pace for a June 6th start in DC the last weekend game in DC for almost two weeks. Buy your tickets now to see Jesus-burg in action! Except don't buy them just to see Stephen, because rain could totally screw you. Buy them to see baseball. That's what it's all about, after all.

Maybe this blog writer will take a trip up to see Strasburg in his start against the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees (formerly Red Barons) on May 27th. His family does live there after all.... If he can get off from his day job, this is possible.

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